Finding Balance: Classes, Work and a Social Life

It is important for students to find balance if they want to have a successful four years.  Going to college can be a full-time job in itself, unfortunately, it’s a job that doesn’t pay very well (at least not in money).

Most students end up having to hold down a part-time job at some point or another during their time at school to help fill their pockets with spending money for pizza and “root” beer. Some students can even manage to hold down a full-time job along with a full-time class schedule, usually because they need to. Everybody’s life is different.  Some people who go to college may not have to worry about working, but for many students, college can be a reality check about balancing their schedules.


For most people, to balance a job and class schedule they need to make sacrifices and compromises if the two overlap. Some of the more laid back and reasonable professors understand that life happens and are willing to work with you if you need to go to work, letting you leave early if you need to or miss a class as long as the work is getting done.

Some professors are stricter when it comes to attendance. The stricter professors make you hope you have a more laid-back boss at work. While some professors are helpful in making compromises to help you balance a job and college. Sometimes it can be your boss who is more ready to work with you. You can organize your work schedule around your class schedule if you have a part-time job or even take a job at night.

Many college students work part-time jobs like waitressing or retail work, and many of them take night jobs like bartending. These kind of jobs are a huge help to students looking to make money while going to school. Unfortunately, night jobs can be a sacrifice for a college student because they need to sacrifice hours of sleep that may make daytime class hours more difficult.


If you go to a college that is surrounded by a college town like West Chester, as opposed to a school like Temple that’s surrounded by a regular city, it is easy to find jobs that will work with your school schedule and usually professors are understanding when it comes to students with jobs, but that doesn’t mean it’s super easy. The student still needs to find the balance that works for them so they have time to do their assignments outside of class and they don’t go crazy from being busy at work all of the time.


Finding a balance between college classes and a job is important, but it’s also important to keep somewhat of a social life.  You’re paying for college and a job gives you money to spend so fun with friends is usually what goes first. The perfect balance between work and school happens when there is also a block of time available for social activities. All work (and school) and no play drives a college student crazy.