Content Creator

Take a look around – The world is changing. The world of communication and media is expanding and evolving every day. What use to be newspapers and flyers in a local community can now be a post on social media that can be shared with the entire world.  

With that, the job market to find people to create this content grows as well.  A job like a Content Creator is now key to an organization’s success on social platforms and in the media world.  

Now you might be thinking, “What does this job entail? What would I be doing? Does it even pay well?” 

Well, let’s find out.  

What are the responsibilities of a content creator?

As the world of media is expanding every day, the need to produce content for websites and digital media plays an important role in any industry’s success.  

Content Creators are used to target specific audiences. Let’s say a skateboard company wants to promote its products, a content creator could use the skate shops social media accounts to post updates and content to target customers.  

Some content that creators come up with for social media accounts:  

  • Videos  
  • Audio/podcasts 
  • Blogs 
  • News articles 
  • Images/infographics 
  • Social media work 

One of the most important responsibilities as a content creator is to be creative. Having visionally pleasing and expressive work is valuable in a workplace like this.  

What’s the work environment like?

To be a content creator, the environment is fast pace and transparent. Working with a company to produce content, you must be able to handle constructive criticism and strict deadlines to work under.  

It depends whether you can work from home, or if you’re in a company office/building every day.  

Something so exciting about this career path is how much fun you can have with creating your content. In other words, having great ideas and being able to produce them as content for your audience is something you won’t find in other jobs.  

You’re working with people just as creative as you, the environment is upbeat and lively

What do I need to land this job?

Being a content creator may seem like it’d be easy, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes work to the Instagram ads you see. It’s a content creators’ job to make creative, visually pleasing content for their target audiences.  

A strong background in adobe is vital to working in the media industry. Some adobe platforms you should be familiar/know well are: 

  • Illustrator  
  • Photoshop 
  • After Effects 
  • Creative Suite  

Having a background in multimedia production will land you a job in the communications world. And of course, a bachelor’s degree in communications or Media and Culture is important for your resume. 

About how much does a Content Creator make?

As of May 2020, an average salary of a full time Content Creator can be anywhere from $20.00-$26.82 (monthly). 

In a year, the range is about $55,000-$65,000, but of course, like any job, where you live and what companies you work for change the type of pay you receive.  

Something like a marketing specialist will receive more pay. Specializing in different areas can gain more opportunities.  

Lets say you’re in college, how does one prepare for a job like this?

Joining clubs is so important – building up a resume of different organizations makes you more likely to get the job than someone who hasn’t joined any. 

 Some clubs that are good to join: 

  • The school newspaper  
  • If there is one, the campus broadcasting network 
  • School radio organization 
  • Journalism club 

Above all, an internship is such a great way to create connections in the media world and could possibly lead you to a job. There are lots of internships posted on and  

Is this a Growing Job?

As social media and the need for advertisement in companies is on the rise, so is this job. People always need  

In the past year, a job in this fields growth rate has gone up thirteen percent. That’s pretty good.  

To advance in your career as a content creator, once again, getting involved in clubs and applying for internships is such a good way to get a head start in your career.  

The more you educate yourself in different media outlets and different software, the more advanced you will be. As a result, companies look for people who can work any system and app. 


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