Toi’s Story. College after baby.

It started off.

My story about college after baby.

Going into my Junior year of college, I was very excited to witness how close I was to the finish line. Just one more year, and I will be a graduate, an Alumnae from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. It is now, September 2015, and I remember that I am feeling incredibly nauseous. Why am I feeling like this? I repeatedly asked myself this question. It has gotten extremely bad that I decided that I was going to go to the hospital. Shortly after arrived to the hospital after leaving class, I received crazy news.

Having a baby in college?

I found out that I was pregnant. Walking back to my dorm from the hospital alone, crying obnoxiously, all I could think about was finishing school with a baby. It is possible to do so, or should I drop out and work a full time job to support for my child? With not having much faith in myself, I drop out of the University. I did not have a job. Only receiving support from my parents since my child’s father decided to not be with me. I then lost all hope for school, and for my life in general.

Then. Baby.

On April 22nd, 2016, my life changed in a blink of an eye. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Our lives were very important. I was determined to finish what I started. After that, I began working very hard for the both of us.

From there. Baby and College.

I applied to Delaware County Community College and got accepted. When school started, I attended as well as working not one, but two jobs. I was working at AAA Midatlantic and Target. My daughter is 4 months at the time. My days would starts off by going to school at 9 am, getting out of class at noon, head to AAA midatlantic for 4 hours, then end my nights at Target, getting off a little after midnight. I was finally able to go home after a long day while my daughter await upon my arrival. My days were very long, but it was worth it. College after baby was hard; however, because I wanted more for myself, I decided to apply here, West Chester University for better possibilities and opportunities. When I got accepted, I was very excited! It was my opportunity to show everyone around me and myself what I am capable of.


I received the best grades I have ever obtained. I also became a member of a historical sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Also, I had many experiences, such as interviewing with a news reporter from Eyewitness News, Kelly Barnes, as well as having the opportunity to be one of the four finalist to be the commencement speaker at my own graduation ceremony.

Now. Baby after college.

Sharing my story is my goal. Informing that when you get discouraged, lazy, or want to give up think of something that is greater than you. For me, that is my daughter. You do not want to miss the many opportunities nor opened doors have in stored for you. Many people said that my life would end after having a baby. It is only the beginning, and now it is just getting started. I will be graduating this semester on May 12th, 2019, at 9 am on the hopes of being a broadcaster or even having my own television show. My daughter will be there witnessing her mother graduate, as well as seeing all of the many other accomplishments. College after baby was worth it!

Finish school so your family and friends can be proud of you. The ones who are closest to you will shower you with so much love just from your wonderful accomplishments. Also, get involved on campus and meet others who are in the same boat as you and will encourage you when you feel like you want to give up. Lastly, use the resources on campus as far as the career center, multicultural center, or even obtaining a mentor. People are all around you to help you to get to your goal. I am a living witness that all things are indeed possible.

Keep striving for greatness, and Don’t give up!