5 Secrets to Social Media Growth 

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No matter if you just started a social media page or have had one for years, growth is the most essential part of skyrocketing your brand or message. Here are 5 secrets, in depth, to social media growth that will help boost your followers and likes! 

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Tip #1 Create High- Quality Content 

You might think it is easy to create “high- quality “content but it can actually be difficult too. Not only do you want the photo or video to be clear but also the audio! Whether it be a song or a voice over make sure it is clear so viewers do not swipe off of your video.  

Editing can make your video high quality just by turning up the brightness or adding smoother transitions between clips. Jump cuts are standard cuts that break the video up. You want these cuts to be smooth, so the video and content flows with ease. Make sure your words transitions nicely to your next point, you do not want it to be choppy or out of order! 

Tips #2 Post at your best times 

Apps like TikTok and Instagram each have different times when users are most active. This is tricky to understand at first, but study your own feed to get an idea of when your followers are active.  

For example, if you post daily you may notice on Monday’s at 2:00pm you get the most amount of likes. Going forward you know posting at that time at the day will get you the most likes, comments, or followers. 

On Instagram it is beneficial to at least upload one reel, post, and story at least once a day. For TikTok, you want to post multiple videos a day to help get your content pushed into the algorithm.  

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Tip #3 Use Carousels 

Carousels are currently trending on TikTok and Instagram, take advantage of it! A carousel is a post in which you can swipe on the app and see more photos or videos. They let you post multiple photos and videos in one singular post instead of multiple. A trendy thing to do with photo carousels is to make collages and have them spread out throughout the whole post.  

You can find different temples for them on Canva, SCRL, and Picsart. Some creators use blank documents and add whatever photos or videos they want to include.  

Tip #4 Take Advantage of Trends 

Everyone wants to be a trend setter but sometimes for social media growth you want to be a trend follower. 

TikTok’s algorithm pushes trends so if you notice a game, dance, or challenge on your algorithm, recreate it! This also applies to songs or news circulating the internet. TikTok pushes these, so use a song that is going viral to help you gain views and follows.  

You want to watch what is trending and hop on board with content before that trending wave dies down. The content you make with a trend is important to follow but also add your own personality to it!

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#5 Lots of Engagement 

To get more engagement you have to utilize the tools on the app that make you interact with your followers. Here are a few examples of what I mean: 

Ask a question as a caption so viewers can comment on your reel or photo which drives up the engagement. 

On Instagram, use the “ask me a question” sticker to have people engage with your stories and not just view it.  

Another tip is for reels, film a short clip with an attention getter but post most of the essential information in the caption. This hooks the viewers’ attention and makes them stop to read the long caption as the reel plays in the background. This increases the watch time because the video is constantly looping in the background as the caption is being read. A higher watch time equals more engagement which can help your content get pushed into the algorithm especially on TikTok & Instagram

If this article got you intrigued on growing your social media platform or brand, check out this Forbes article, “25 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence” written by John Rampton.

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