Fall Into Fun Around West Chester

The crisp fall air circulates your room as you slowly wake up and pull the covers up to your chin. You turn over and read 9:30 am on your phone and realize it’s Saturday. The whole day ahead lies ahead, so you decide to put on a flannel, text your friends, grab some coffee and enjoy the fall weather. Fall in West Chester is beautiful with the multicolored mums lining the quad, carved pumpkins filling everyone’s porches, and all the fun fall activities to do around the area. If you’re ever stuck on what to do on a beautiful fall day, check out some popular spots close to West Chester.


There are so many great trails around the area, one even in our backyard! Between the trail on South Campus, Sandy Hollow, Stroud preserves, and Valley Forge National Historical Park you’ll never run out of places to go!

Sandy Hollow is a historical site with a simple path rather than a trail. One lap is about a mile around but the hills make for a great work out. It’s only about a 20-minute drive from campus which makes it perfect for running.

Stroud preserve is more for the hikers. It has many different trails ranging from beginners, moderate, and expert trails. It’s even marked with colors and arrows so you don’t get lost. Marissa, a WCU student believes that “Stroud preserve is [her] favorite trail around West Chester, [because] each trail is a different climb but the scenery around and the view from the top are absolutely breathtaking.”

Finally, Valley Forge Nation Historical Park is a must-see fall outing. The hills that flow through the area are beautiful and the trails are fun and interesting. Since this is a historical park, you can even learn some heritage about West Chester and Valley Forge. The 10-minute drive is easily accessible and makes for a quick, fun trip!

Fall Activities

You can’t go through the months of fall without doing some pumpkin and apple picking. It’s a tradition that spreads across America and it really ties in all the fall feels. Highland Orchards and Milky Way Farms are some exciting and beautiful places to pick some food.

Milk Way Farms is only about a 20-minute drive from campus and is the perfect spot to find your pumpkin. The vines line the fields and stretch for miles so you have every opportunity to find the one. Pre-picked pumpkins are also available if you can’t find yours on the vines, but either way, you will leave with your special one.

“Autumn is my favorite season,” Nikki, a senior at West Chester, stated. “I love the clothes, the food, and especially the pumpkins everywhere! It gives the atmosphere such a cute look.”

If pumpkins aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Highland Orchards is your place to go if you want to bake an apple pie or maybe have some cider. It’s a few minutes closer than Milky Way Farms and focuses more on apple picking than pumpkin picking. With a small petting zoo, a cute little market, and a fun ride out to the fields, Highland Orchards is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

The City

One of the best things about West Chester is the easy accessibility to Philadelphia. Just a train ride or short car ride away, Philly is pack with fun things to do. Whether you’re exploring Magic Gardens, hanging down by Pier Village, or sitting at a rooftop bar, you will never run out of things to do in the city.

Ashley, who is a transfer student at West Chester, came here to be closer to the city. She travels in often and makes sure to do something different each time she goes.

“Philly is my favorite place in the world,” she said with excitement. “There are endless amounts of activities, restaurants, and shopping to do. I just can’t get enough of it!”

Ashley’s favorite part of the city is the food. She loves finding rooftop bars and restaurants to try out. She said that SkyGarten is her favorite and would recommend it to anyone who wants a cool new spot.

So, as you turn over to check your phone make sure to text your friends and take a trip to all these awesome places West Chester has to offer. Find your best fall outfit, grab your GoPro or iPhone, and head out to the town! There are endless possibilities to soak up all this awesome fall weather.