5 Free Online Digital Marketing Certificates to Advance Your Career

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By: Molly Majors

Online certificates are beneficial to both current students and graduates looking to further their experience in digital marketing. Aside from gaining additional knowledge, completing online courses enhances resume content viewed by prospective employers.

These are great ways to become more marketable to potential employers. The following are five entirely free and virtual digital marketing courses which offer completion certificates.

Google Digital Garage free digital marketing certificates

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage has a variety of free learning content for both career development and prospective business owners.

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a beginner course consisting of 26 modules with a duration of approximately 40 total hours. Complete the course at your own pace or choose between individual modules.

The learning content is developed entirely by Google trainers and includes both real-world examples and practical exercises.

HubSpot Academy

2. Digital Marketing

Hubspot Academy

As a prospective or current digital marketer, you have most likely heard of HubSpot, a software often used by businesses to help align sales and marketing teams.

Hubspot has a learning platform called Hubspot Academy which, like Hubspot, focuses entirely on teaching the idea of inbound marketing.

The Digital Marketing Course includes lessons on both SEO, as well as both paid and non-paid strategies. It consists of a total of 9 lessons completed at your own pace, including 37 videos and 4 quizzes, taking approximately only 4 hours to complete.

LinkedIn Learning

3. Digital Marketing Foundations

LinkedIn Learning

If you’ve yet to check out LinkedIn Learning, you are truly missing out on a wonderful opportunity. Free to all WCU students, LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with a variety of courses led by certified experts in the form of video tutorials.

They have several digital marketing courses to choose from, one of the most recent and more popular being the Digital Marketing Foundations course.

It should only take you a little over 2 hours to complete and once finished, you will be able to add the certificate directly to your LinkedIn profile.

Coursera free digital marketing certificates

Like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera offers many different course and certificate options, while also providing the opportunity for people to earn an entirely virtual degree.

The Digital Media and Marketing Strategies certificate is a beginner-level course and is offered by the University of Illinois. Although Coursera charges for courses and certificates, you could easily complete the course during the 7-day free trial, considering it consists of just 20 hours of learning material.

The course covers concepts of digital marketing, social media, content marketing, search marketing, and brand communication. 

Google Analytics free digital marketing certificates

Last, but most definitely not least, is the Advanced Google Analytics course from Google Analytics Academy. If you are unfamiliar, Google Analytics is a web analytic service used by companies to provide basic analytical tools for marketing and SEO.

This course is great if you already have a slight understanding of Google Analytics, but want to sharpen your skills even further.

The Google Analytics Academy also offers a Google Analytics for Beginners course if you have yet to learn the basics. 

Certificates of completion are provided for each of these courses, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile or resume. Our department also offers an accelerated B.A. in MDC or COM to M.A. in Communication Studies. This accelerated program is a cost-effective and all around a great opportunity. The program also includes a graduate certificate in Digital Media Marketing consisting of just 12 credits and taught entirely online.

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