Reasons Why Traveling Solo As A Woman is OK!

Traveling Women

Please! Tell Me More About How Women Shouldn’t Travel Solo!

“But sweety, India is filthy. It’s not safe for woman to go there. You don’t want to go solo” Well, for starters, don’t call me sweetie. Thank you for your concern Mr. Bar Regular, but I will be just fine. I do want to go there, but thank you for letting me know what YOU think I don’t want to do. Traveling solo as a woman has its risks, but the risks will 100% outweigh the rewards.

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany – 2015

The Closed Minded Discourage

I’ve lost count of the amount of times some uncultured adult tried to treat me like a little girl when I speak about my future travel plans. No this is not a blog to bash closed minded American adults, but it is totally calling them out. Why do we (not me, but some people) discourage our children and daughters from traveling? Should we be focusing on the good that will come our of their journey and experience? This blog is all about the many reactions women get when they say they are traveling solo as a woman (especially when it’s somewhere unique). It focuses on the benefits of traveling, and what those bash traveler’s should consider doing differently when addressing young, travel obsessed WOMEN.

Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy – 2017

Don’t Shoot Down My Passions

No one likes to hear others speak negatively about their passions. One thing that I’ve been extremely passionate about my entire life has been travel and culture. As much as we think we’ve evolved as a culture and society, we’re not even half way there. Today we express our dreams and passions to others, just for them to shoot them down and say what you’re doing  is not good. When it comes to women and traveling, they are questioned for their decisions on where they are getting away to next. People should have faith in women who decide to travel alone.  We should all support the passions of others.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain- 2017

Cut Out The Negativity

When I tell someone (who has never been to India) that I’m going to India, they immediately jump to the negatives. They are instantly explaining how dirty and unsafe the country is. They tell you how packed it is. They even go as far as to tell me I’m going to end up raped in the streets. Yes, this is harsh. No I didn’t feel the need to leave this part out because it is the raw truth of what we hear as women traveling alone.

Pompeii, Italy

Think of All The Benefits

People tell you all the negatives of traveling without believing in you and the benefits that come from travel. Those who try to convince you that traveling solo as a woman is a bad idea never seem to focus on the good that comes from traveling. Especially traveling women.

Education, Connections, Empowerment

Another positive about traveling is that it’s an educational experience. Every trip that I’ve taken, I’ve learned more about the country,  city, people, food, and the history of them. Traveling is making connections. Every trip that I’ve taken I’ve meet the most amazing and interesting people who have taught me new things. Traveling teaches you about yourself. Traveling is empowering. It makes us braver than we were the day before. It makes us feel free and confident to get out there and see all that there is to be seen.

Solo traveling women

Barcelona, Spain – 2017

So, with all of the positives that come from traveling solo as a woman, there’s no need to be negative! Instead of telling girls the bad things that could happen, we could talk about all of the great and amazing things that will happen.  When it comes down to it, we are not little girls anymore.

We are women. We are storng. We are brave. We are smart.

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