Content Marketing Manager

Job Description

Content marketing is becoming more recognized and the job marketing is growing significantly. A content marketing manager serves the role of a marketing manager that creates or manages the content on a website, social media platform, or in print. One of their main goals is to grab their audience and pull them in. In addition, they want to continue to keep them engaged throughout the rest of their content. Content marketing managers pay specific attention to the web traffic that their content brings in. Content marketers play a huge role in creating brand awareness for companies.

Skills and Experience

  • Most employers require a Marketing, Business, or Communications degree
  • Recommended: 3-5 years of marketing experience
  • Great communication skills
  • Proficient writing skills
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Proficient on Adobe Creative Suite and Canva
  • Understand the basics of SEO


Content Marketing Managers must be organized. When determining a brand’s target audience, content marketers must first figure out the age and demographics of the people who view their content. It is beneficial to research competitors and their marketing strategies to figure out what will work best for their own brand. Setting up a marketing plan requires a company to create goals and set up a plan to complete those goals. Once this is complete, you can create content. When creating content, the main goal is to produce what your audience wants to see. It’s important to keep your work consistent. Once your content is created, the next main focus is advertising and marketing your work to the media. You can do this on almost any social media platform or in print.


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