Ear Candy SEG 2

A segment where WCU Media and Culture Senior, Jamari Brown. Reviews/critiques musical projects from different genres that he thinks would be great to listen to.



“Chrysalis – EP” by Unusual Demont

CHRYSALIS – EP by Unusual Demont (album.link)

Unusual Demont, the newly up-and-coming artist has recently released a five-song project called “Chrysalis – EP” back in December 2023. The unique pop artist pouring his heart out on these five tracks is what made this project a must listen. Touching on topics such as loving someone and the heartbreak that it brings while doing so. This relative process of this EP is the reason why I’m taking the time to write about it.

            In the third song “NIGHTTIME” he lyricizes the importance of being there for the person you love no matter the circumstances. “In the nighttime, I’m right where you need me, baby” was repeated as the chorus of the song to let the audience know the significance of him being there for his lover. And throughout the verse, Demont explains that when he isn’t by that person’s side he can barely function. He even goes the distance to say he can barely breathe without them around.

            The depth of detail in his lyrics helps his audience relate, and that is what makes this EP an extraordinary piece of art. I surely recommend this project. You can find this project on all streaming platforms.



“Even Paradise Rains” by Samaria

Even Paradise Rains by Samaria (album.link)

Samaria, the artist based out of Oakland, California has recently released her first album since 2015. She has come back with a symphonious sound and more life experiences. In her second song “3 rings” she goes to say “And it’s my fault I wait, till they don’t feel the same. That’s when I come around, with one knee on the ground, yeah, another one of me won’t show up here again.” Samaria is coming to an understanding that there is no other girl out there that compares to her so leaving her is a problem for the person of interest. You can tell that she is saying it in a regretful way. She regrets how much she let this person hurt her and won’t let them hurt her anymore.

            Throughout this entire album, Samaria seems to keep bringing up the bittersweet moments between her and the person she once loved. Explaining that the love she had is no longer in the way anymore, the scars have started to take over. Scars that will never diminish. Samaria understands what it feels like to be broken hearted and “Even Paradise Rains” finds a way to make one feel good about needing to leave/being left. She turns the negatives into positives. Highly recommend. You can find this project on all streaming platforms.



“Truth or Dare” by TYLA

Truth or Dare by Tyla (song.link)

TYLA, the Johannesburg South African 22-year-old artist is an up-and-coming artist that is releasing her debut album “TYLA” on March 22nd, 2024. She has recently released a few tracks off the album to give her fans a taste of what it will feel like and be about. Her song “Truth or Dare” is one of the few that caught my attention. It is a song about how someone that she used to be all about only started feeling the same way because she has become this famous icon.

“Can’t handle what I am now, you a fan now and I’m not what I was.” TYLA goes on to keep singing “Let’s play truth or dare, dare you to forget that you used to treat me just like anyone. Truth or dare? Is it true you care? Now that you can see the love from everyone.” This is the chorus, and it sums up how she is only now receiving special treatment from that “special someone” because everyone one else is starting to love her. This song is a must listen to!!! You can find it on all streaming platforms.



“Ocean” by Zacari

Ocean by Zacari (song.link)

Zacari, the California artist from Bakersfield, has returned to the soothing side of music with his new single “Ocean”. You may be familiar with Zacari from his feature on “LOVE” from Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN”. The song “Ocean” I believe is about how Zarcari found the woman of his dreams and loving her was overwhelming and a lot, but he wouldn’t trade it for the world. He was prepared to go through anything with her. The most beautiful thing about this song is how he interprets this love.

“Many lifetimes ago. She was an ocean, and I was a shore, I was ready to roll with the tide knowing I couldn’t fight if I tried.” This is what makes the song beautiful and the reason I am recommending it to you guys. Putting this situation in those words helps the listener paint their own picture and have their own meanings of the song. I love this song dearly and advise you to give it a listen. You can find this song on all streaming platforms.



“Bandit” by Don Toliver

Bandit by Don Toliver (song.link)

Don Toliver, the authentic-voiced artist out of Houston, Texas is back with another hit. “Bandit” is a single from his upcoming album that hasn’t been fully announced yet. This single he has released is what I like to call it, a “Party Anthem”. It makes you want to jump around in a mosh-pit with no care in the world.

“I do damage, you n****s can’t stand it. Psycho bandit, like its Marilyn Manson.” He goes talking about the party scene and what it is like for him living as lavish as he is. That one line gives you an idea of what he is trying to imply. And this upcoming album should and will be seen as a “lit” piece of work. Highly recommend this song to my party people. You can find this song on all streaming platforms.