Meet Anna Schostak #FacesofCom

Meet Anna

Anna Schostak is an English Literature major with a Media and Culture minor. She chose this major because literature is her favorite area of English. The professors at WCU made learning English enjoyable and helped Anna realize how much she loved literature and reading. The student teacher inspired Anna to pursue English as her major in college.  As of now, she is thinking about using her degree to become an author or editor. Anna selected her Media and Culture minor because she is very interested in how the media affects us. She also enjoys learning about creating content for marketing purposes. Anna offered this advice when choosing a career, “The most important thing about choosing a career is that you love what you do because you are going to be in that field for the majority of your life”.

Involvement on Campus

Anna is very involved with ministry, especially a group called Young Life which she not only was apart of in high school but also is a member of here at West Chester University. Additionally, Anna is the founding president of the Beta Eta chapter of Sigma Alpha Omega at West Chester University. They were founded last semester, Spring 2018, and are the first Christian sorority on campus.  After college, Anna hopes to move to South Carolina and pursue ministry. One of her dreams in life is to open her own flower or book shop down south.

Extracurricular Activities

Anna loves to play volleyball. She no longer can play competitively due to an injury so instead she stays involved with the sport by officiating teams or coaching teams in the West Chester area. Anna also spends a lot of her time going on adventures in the outdoors. Some of them include hiking, fishing, or sitting in the hammock for a few hours with a good book. No matter what it is, she just enjoys being outside. However, on some occasions Anna does not mind staying in.  She will hang at home with her friends or family, and binge-watch some Netflix, specifically Friday Night Lights or Friends.