Sports Writer Job: A Guide to Obtaining a Job in the Sports World

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Sports Make The World Go Round!

In 2017, it is almost impossible not to hear news about some sport from around the world. Events like the Olympics, the World Baseball Classic, and the FIFA World Cup bring hundreds of thousands of fans together to cheer on their home teams. Children are learning to shoot a basketball and throw a football before they are even in preschool. It is clear that sports play an integral role in our society and economy, but how have sports grown so rapidly? With the invention of the internet, fans around the world are able to keep track of their favorite teams. These sports teams, and their fans, are the key to you obtaining a sports writer job.

It was the introduction of sports writers that made us feel so emotionally attached to our teams. It is a sports writer’s job to encapsulate all the emotion and imagery of a sporting event into a quick one page editorial for all of the internet to read. All the anecdotes and fun facts you hear that surround your favorite leagues are crafted by the sports writers that love nothing more than watching sports seven days a week. With some hard work and a passion for athletics and competition, you too could supply the world with the sports knowledge it needs.

So You Want To Be a Sports Writer?

The job of a sports writer can be easy if you enjoy staying up for those extra innings and overtime games in order to keep your readers up to date with the latest sports news. Although the duties of a sports writer can change from market to market, there are a few tasks that are pertinent to the field.

One responsibility any type of writer must follow is attending editorial meetings with your superiors. During these meetings, reporters and writers meet with their editors to delegate assignments and establish due and publishing dates. Depending on how often your company publishes articles, meetings could be as frequent as every day or every other week. It is important to be punctual and as informed as possible when creating a work schedule with your colleagues. (Journalism Degree 2017)

The Proof is in the Pudding!

If you want perform to your highest abilities, it is imperative to conduct extensive individual research to stay up to date with sports trends and stories. This includes interviewing coaches and players, attending various sporting events, and documenting what is said during press conferences. Editors need to make sure that you have all your bases covered… no pun intended. It is their job to ensure that you meet your deadlines and are prepared to present your content.

Some sports writers are lucky enough to be broadcasted on TV or the internet to discuss the daily happenings in the sports word. This can add extra pressure to create and perform a well-rounded presentation. Writers have to provide on the spot commentary and play-by-play announcing in order to captivate the audience watching your program.

Do You Have What It Takes?

In order to enter the world of sports journalism, the field requires you to complete a few industry standards. It is customary for a sports writer to have a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, with the option of a minor in sports journalism. In addition to a traditional university degree, many employers like to see applicants that have some type of experience, usually in the form of an internship.

Many professionals recommend that you start building your job portfolio while still attending college. Many undergraduates have the opportunity to write for their school newspaper, start a sports blog of their own or contact an established sports writer. Any form of individual writing will provide you with experience in the journalism field and will give you the upper hand when applying for this job. (Angst 2017)

A Day in the Life of a Sports Writer!

Generally a sports writer will not start their profession as a columnist in a large market. Most writers begin their career as an intern for their daily newspaper. A job working for your local paper can earn a novice sports writer a meager $20,000 a year. It is through tireless hours of beat writing and accruing years of experience that one is able to work their way up to larger publications. Location is everything when it comes to job opportunities. (Joyce 2013)

After years of building your resume, sports journalist begin to receive offers from more prestigious publications in much larger markets. Writers working in cities such as Philadelphia, New York, and California are more likely to receive offers from companies like ESPN, the NFL, and FOX Sports. According to, the typical salary for a professional sports writer is $49,000. This value varies depending on the city you work in and the size of the audience that is reading your content. With the influx of sports blogs and websites, the pay scale of employees has changed to support payment on a case by case basis. Observably the larger your market and audience is the larger your paycheck will be. (Angst 2017)

A Sports Writer Job For You!

Being a sports writer can be a very demanding job at times. Some writers can work from home, supplying content to a website or sports blog. Other writers travel throughout the country following a certain sports team, breaking up-to-the-second announcements. There are a plethora of inspiring opportunities for sports journalist in today’s digital era.

If you have a passion for competition, athletics, and teamwork this is the career for you. All you need to do to get the gears turning, is to write, write, write. Call your local newspaper and talk to an editor or writer to start learning about the basic steps of becoming an accomplished writer. With some hard work and determination, someday you could be the newest addition to Philadelphia SportsNet team.


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