Web Designer

Description of Duties

A web designer comes up with and create website designs from scratch that are simple, easy to use, visually pleasing, and match the brand that the website is for. To do this, they need to plan and program the basics of the website, usually called the site map. Designers use these maps to add images, videos, audio, or other applications. However, they need to keep the overall design as pleasing as possible. Designers bring websites from their initial creation to their final stage, which when the site is ready to be published. The whole time they must make sure to stick with the design guidelines for that project.

Work Environment

The majority of current web designers work full-time in general office environments. Most work will take place in front of a computer while programming or creating design ideas. However, group work is common, and customer service skills are very important for this job. The web designer often talks with their clients, and present designs to them at various meetings. Designers also work closely with other members of the development team on a regular basis when creating each website. Designing the look of computer services is a common job, while designing sites for tech consulting and advertising are less popular.

Education and Skills Required

Employers for web designer positions tend to look for candidates who have a good eye for graphic design, and who can turn basic website building blocks into well-made, and simple pages. Having a portfolio of previous designs is a major plus. Companies look for designers with basic skills and awareness of online trends. They must create sites based on each client’s needs without lowering the visual quality. The key for success is proficiency in design apps such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as in programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Education requirements include a bachelor’s degree in a Computer Science or Visual Arts program.

Typical Web Designer Salary

Based on research from May of 2019 in the Web Developers: Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median annual wage for web designer and development jobs was around $74,000. The lowest salary for this job was just under $40,000, while the highest salary was over $140,000. The most in-demand and well-paying jobs have to do with computer and publishing companies. On the other hand, the less well-paying design positions are for public relations and advertising services.

Advice for Preparing in College

A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is key for a web designer. However, a computer science degree is better for job applications. Designers also need knowledge of web development. While still in college, it is helpful to take courses for both graphic design and programming languages. The most work opportunities go to those with proficiency in digital multimedia tools. There are also many ways to network in the design community. For example, using social media or joining an organization like The Interaction Design Foundation.

Web Designer Job Outlook

Both web designers and developers with a bachelor’s degree can quickly gain more responsibilities at their job. Higher positions, like becoming project managers, are easy to achieve. Designers with a lot of skill with programming and multimedia tools have an advantage in the field. In addition, it is key to understand that with an increase in mobile devices, the demand for web designs that function smoothly on mobile will increase. Designers who can create mobile-friendly websites will likely find more work than those who only work with desktop layouts. Overall, the field of web design is expected to grow 8 percent within the next decade. This growth is faster than average for most occupations (CITE), so now is a great time to consider a job in web design.


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