Crunch Time till Graduation

What are you doing after college? 

If you are a senior around this time you may dread this question. For some it might not be a big deal to answer. Some of us are moving across the country. Some of us are moving back home. Some of us have a full time job set up. While some of us do not even have the next day planned. Some of us might be deciding to go back to school for something that we find really passionate. Lastly, some of us just don’t know. A good thing to know is that this is all okay. 

We are all human and are all on this earth to travel a different path. But if you are someone who is looking for some tips to get the last bit out of college and what they offer here they are! 

  1. Ask your advisor
    • Your advisor has had all the answers all four years. Whatever is keeping you up at night make sure to write it down and bring these questions to them. 
  2. The career center 
    • The Career Center offers many great features. You can schedule an appointment or visit their drop in hours. Some events the Career Center holds are the Job/internship fair and Meet Ups. Meet Ups are is much more focused on specific majors like nursing and accounting. These Meet Ups give you the opportunity to talk to possible fate bosses! By visiting this center you can gather much more information and feel much more settled about the future!
  3. Your professors 
    • Professors have been through this before! Find your professor you felt you had a connection to and ask to talk after class. Professors love helping young adults join there field and help them find what they love to do! 
  4. Friends in your major 
    • A lot of the time it may feel as if your friends have it a lot more figured it out. It is much easier to talk to a peer in your same major. It is easy to relate with them and to see what there plans are in the future. So text the new friend you made in your recent group project. 

Lastly, we are under 30 days till graduation. Make sure to do what you need to do to have success in the real world. Good Luck!