Best Study Places in West Chester- On and Off Campus

If you’re the type of student that can’t seem to focus in your own room or in large spaces, then this is for you! Finding the perfect study place for you can ultimately benefit your time management, productivity, and overall academic success. The balance between on campus study spaces, as well as off campus, provides students with many different facilities and public or private spaces to fulfill their study needs. Below are the spaces that have worked the best for me over my past three and a half years at WCU.

On Campus Facilities

From the large library to the study rooms offered in many different campus buildings, West Chester has a plethora of facilities tailored to meet the needs of each and every student. Let’s take a further look into the different study spaces and find what interests you the most to get your assignments completed!

Francis Harvey Green Library

The classic library. A quiet, large, and public space where you can pick and choose where you sit. Each floor provides tons of tables of different sizes and in differnt areas of the floor. This is helpful because you can decide if you want to be in the open, or more secluded. Some students also go to the library with a friend or two and the variety of options within the library helps for individuals or groups.

Private study rooms are provided and can be requested through the library website on 24FIVE. The study rooms are available 24 hours Monday-Friday. Use your student ID at the main enterance on the second floor to get access to the study room. It is accessible for all students and an easy way to help you concentration and get ahead and complete your assignments.

Photo Credit: WCU of PA

What you need to know: As the floors get higher, the noise level decreases. If you’re with friends or meeting with a group for a project, I would choose the first, second, or third floor. The third floor is quiet, but its the last floor you can get away with a few conversations here and there if you need to have them. If you’re looking to be by yourself in a silence space, choose to go on a higher floor. Grab a drink from the campus Starbucks located on the first floor and get started on your work!

SECC Building

Th newest building on campus and probably one of the coolest. Much like the library, there are ton of rooms that you can either rent out or just sit in within this building to get some space and time to yourself. With little “lounges” all throughout the building with chairs, the places to sit down down and get your work done are endless.

Photo Credit: WCU of PA

One of the most popular places in the SECC building is the steps/ seating area located in front of a large screen that shows short clips of campus. It looks a little bit like stadium seating but there is tons of space to grab a seat. Although other students may be there as well with their friends, it is still a place outside of your room to concentrate.

Photo Credit: WCU of PA

Business Building

At the end of campus, the business building is located- A large, up-to-date building filled with study rooms. Just recently I began to utilize the business building as a place to get my work done. I will say one thing, the room are made up of glass walls making it a tad distracting when you are constantly seeing people walk by the room. The study rooms are also open to anyone so if you are alone or with one other person, other students may join the room as well.

Phot Credit: WCU of PA

Although there are a few negatives, I have found it easiest to sit with my back facing the door so I limit the distractions outside of the room. I cannot hear anything from outside the room but I still put my headphones which helps tune out everything around me.

This on campus facility is available to any student and because its on right on campus it is convienient.

The Quad

As it is getting colder outside this resource is becoming less relevant. However, I would still like to touch on this for future semesters. Since we started this semester in August, I’m sure you all have seen how packed the Quad can be on a beautiful day. There are students hanging out with their friends, others playing games, or students on their laptops.

The Quad has some chairs located around it where many students sit and enjoy their time. This is typically where I see students on their laptops doing work. Even if there are no more chairs open, grab a towel and find a spot where you are comfortable.

Photo Credit: @wcuofpa Instagram

When I go to the Quad to get my work done, I’m usually complete those small or weekly assignments, not huge ones as this environment can quickly become distracting. I find this enviormnemt more enjoyable when I go with a few of my friends. We’re all together, taking in a beautiful day, having fun, but also getting our work done.

You may even get a visit from Rammy!

Off Campus Facilities

Sometimes on campus facilities can still be overwhelming. With students coming in and out at all times and possible distractions, it’s amazing that we have accessibility to a beautiful town. In town there are many different coffee shops in areas that make the perfect study spot. Some occasions may require driving but once you’re there you can spend hours on end getting your work completed. Explore the town and find a perfect place.


Saxbys is the most convenient and accessibly coffee shop for students. It is right off campus and always filled with students. Much like any coffee place, there are tables and “bar” seating facing High Street for students to sit. It is a popular shop with students constantly coming in and out, but with some music in, you can tune out everything around you and be in a place where many other students are doing the exact same thing- making time to complete some work.

Photo Credit: WCU of PA

Mayday Coffee Shop

Mayday coffee is a little coffee shop in town on N High Street. It’s a little bit of a walk, or you may even have to drive. Regardless of how you get there the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. With hardwood flooring, big windows allowing the sun to peer through, and the aesthetic envionrment provides a quiet, comfortable place. Sit down for an hour two and you never know how much you will complete!

Photo Credit: @morgan.elizabith

“Courtyard” by Sedona Tap House

In the heart of town sits Sedona Tap House. Right outside of the restaurant is an open space resembling a small courtyard. There a few tables located throughout where you and a few friends (if you wish) can sit down, get some fresh air, and complete your tasks. Much like the Quad, as the weather is changing, this may not be the most enjoyable option, but when the temperatures rise again in the spring semester definitely consider taking a stroll through town and taking a seat here- the scenery of town is truly beautiful.

Photo Credit: The WC Press

Panera Bread

This location will probably require a car as its about 10 minutes away from campus but it shouldn’t come as a shock as a great place to get your homework done. Grab some food and a table and enjoy your peaceful time at Panera. I love Panera because the seating is pretty secluded and you are able to choose where you sit. It’s usually not too loud, even though there are always customers coming in and out. It’s a place to escape the walls of your room, get out of the house, and be somewhere different.

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Find the perfect place for YOU

With all of these facilities, I’m sure you can find one that works the best for you. Explore the resources on and off campus and pick your favorite place to make your new study spot. It’s incredible. How much of a change you will see when you get into the routine of escaping your room and creating new study habits.