The 411 on How To Make Social Media Your Career

Over the past couple of years, social media has taken over most people’s lives. It has become more and more possible to know where your friends and family are always, what the weather will be like in ten days, or what Justin Bieber is doing every moment of the day. It has become a part of our lives, and it’s not something any of us can get away from anymore. But what’s great about everything being at the touch of a button? Just about everything for a Digital Media Specialist.

The current generation, yes that’s you, eat breath and sleeps social media. The first thing we all do when we wake up is check our phones. Now to some this might seem like a problem. But for others this has become a hobby that everyone wishes they could make a career. What’s better than spending your whole day creating amazing, engaging media channels? As a digital media specialist, you get to do just that

What Does it Entail?

When reading job descriptions, we often cringe at all the nitty gritty details careers require. But the responsibilities of a digital media specialists are quite the opposite. “Coordinate the creation of digital content, manage end-to-end digital projects, maintain a strong online company voice through social media, stay up-to-date with digital media developments.”

How do you get all the details to create amazing, engaging media you ask? You explore! That’s right. You go out day to day to collect authentic content to grab the audience’s attention that you are trying to reach. Want to sit a desk all day and play on the computer? Go for it. Want to travel the world and create content in India? Go ahead. Digital media is what you make it, and is not limited. At all.

Social Media Can Be Your Full-Time Career?

Not only do you get to create media that originates individually from you, but you get to see that all your ideas are being portrayed how you intended them to through the end. Want an assistant to help you get the job done? Ask for one. But what’s better than doing the work yourself so your vision is perfectly executed? Yup, you guessed it. Nothing.

How much do you make a year? Unfortunately, that’s an unavoidable question, because everyone wants to make enough money to live comfortably, right? Digital Media Specialists start off making around $51,000 a year and range upon the companies an individual is employed by. The more engaging content you create, the more views it receives, the more you make. It’s all about the work you put in, just like with any career.

Am I Going to Be In College Forever?

The same goes for education prior to being employed as a Digital Media Specialist. Although a bachelor’s degree is preferred, an associate’s degree will do. If you have some form of knowledge and experience with design software, most companies are not picky. It’s not so much about how you create the content, but what you create and what you produce.

This career is the easiest career to prepare for while still in college. Keep up with your own social media pages. Collect your own engaging content. Become an expert with design software. Keep up with the latest techniques companies use that work for them. And don’t stop. You can never be too up-to-date with the latest and greatest social media strategies.

How Much is Too Much?

Once you have mastered the tactics on how to engage the audience you want to reach to the best of your ability, create your own, individual goals. Don’t be afraid to be told no on ideas you have, because the greatest ideas are not always the first ideas you have. Build on little things, make mistakes, impress your boss, and make more mistakes. Never stop being creative and never stop documenting content. There is no such thing as too much content, so just keep collecting.

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