Marketing Coordinator

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Job Description

So you have a marketing degree, now what?

A marketing coordinator supports the marketing department’s initiatives. Specific responsibilities include handling logistics for marketing campaigns, product launches, events and strategic partnerships. A large part of the gig is coordinating cross-functional team efforts, and assisting other team members by researching vendors and market trends, creating mailing lists and processing invoices. There will probably be a lot of writing involved including: developing original copy for social media platforms, website content, direct mail and print advertisements. In addition to writing, you’ll be tasked with ensuring a consistent brand voice across all channels and copy editing marketing materials.

If you wanting to be a marketing coordinator is where you see yourself, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have a degree in anything related to marketing.


 A marketing coordinator would really be responsible for all the ways a company creates efforts for outreach. Any way that a company wants to reach a new audience, wants to launch a new product or service, or even wants to rebrand would fall under the marketing coordinator. Without this position a company’s customer base would have no way of knowing what’s new with the company. The perfect candidate for this position would be someone who pays great attention to detail, has good communication and interpersonal skills, has knowledge of all social media platforms, as well as computer skills, and has the ability to handle multiple tasks going on at one time even with short deadlines.

When looking for a job, especially right out of college, one may worry about salary or what prior experience is needed in order to get the job. On average a marketing coordinator makes around $56,198 per year. Depending on the company, and your experience this number could go up or down. To make sure that you are earning the most you possibly can here is the most useful recommendation:

  • Have previous experience working with project management.

If you can show your potential new employer that you have worked in situations where you have handled many projects at one time and were still able to be successful in all of them, he/she will be extremely impressed. Displaying all of skills in your resume that would be beneficial to the job is key. Before graduation, try to get as many internships as possible so that you are able to gain the most experience. That way, when it comes time to graduate and apply for a job that will help you begin your career, you are already ahead of some of your competition. 

How to Prepare

Along with gaining as much experience as you possibly can before you graduate, networking and making connections is also a MUST. The more people and companies you familiarize yourself with, the more connections you will make to grow your network. If you introduce yourself to as many people in your desired field as you possibly can, the more likely you are to run into those people down the road, and who knows, maybe one of your connections could even help you land a job at your dream company, or even help you start up a company of your own!

Now that you know all the secrets to becoming the best marketing coordinator a company has ever seen, GO DO IT! Make the most of all the information you just read and apply it your life.

Make connections, expand your network, and gain as much experience as you possibly can.


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