Best Dessert Places in West Chester for Students

College is all about having the time of your life, but on a budget.  That is why we have compiled a bucket-list perfect for college students to try out at WCU.  And, even though the dining hall may be delicious, it is worth a shot to try out these five amazing dessert locations in West Chester.  

1. Kilwins

Located on North Church Street, 0.6 miles from campus, Kilwins is a staple for West Chester students.  They not only have their own homemade chocolates and candy available for purchase, but they still use their original ice cream recipe, which makes for a one of a kind dessert!  

Kilwins describes their ice cream as, ““super-premium,” with a creamy consistency and a delicious, rich texture.” 

They have just under 40 ice cream flavors, ranging from Old Fashioned Vanilla to Dulce De Leche – “A caramel flavor and swirls of creamy caramel”. To go along with this, they also have their own freshly made waffle cones, that is the perfect addition for any treat!

Kilwins is not stopping at just ice cream though, they also offer gourmet cake options! “Available in 6 flavors and 2 sizes (6” and 10”), Kilwins Gourmet Cake & Ice Cream is the perfect gourmet dessert for your next celebration.”  


Monday – Thursday (12pm – 9pm)

Friday (12pm – 10pm)

Saturday (10am – 10pm)

Sunday (10am – 9pm)

2. Insomnia Cookies

Located on Gay Street, 1 mile from campus, Insomnia Cookies is a common hub for West Chester students.  Well known for their deliciously warm cookies, Insomnia never fails to impress even the pickiest of eaters. 

Insomnia Cookies prides themselves on freshly baked warm cookies, with a variety of ever changing flavors.   

They have an abundance of cookie flavors, all perfectly suited for college students; including gluten-free and vegan options too.  Insomnia is not stopping here though.  They also have warm brownies and ice cream too, perfect for a night out!

According to Downtown West Chester, Insomnia Cookies, “Specializes in serving warm, delicious cookies right to the doors of individuals and companies alike.”  The website also stated how Insomnia delivers cookies late through the night, perfect for a midnight treat.  


Monday – Wednesday (11am – 12am)

Thursday – Friday (11am – 1am)

Saturday (12pm – 1am)

Sunday (12pm – 12am)

3. Cookie Dope

Located on New Street, 0.8 miles from campus, Cookie Dope is a prominent spot for West Chester students.  Cookie Dope is commonly referred to as West Chester’s favorite Dessert Shop and here’s why.

Cookie Dope has eight flavors of Edible Cookie Dough, twelve flavors of Premium Ice Cream and twenty flavors of Snow Cones, Brownies and Milkshakes.  

Not only that, but in 2020 they were voted as the best ice cream shop in all of West Chester.  One reviewer stated that, “If you’re in the area and have a craving for something sweet, do not look any further. Go here!!”

The interior of the building is just as sweet too!  The perfect spot for studying or taking photos, Cookie Dope has it all.


Monday – Thursday (3pm – 9pm)

Friday (3pm – 10pm)

Saturday (2pm – 10pm)

Sunday (2pm – 9pm)  

4. Dia Doce Gourmet Cupcakes

Located on South High Street, 0.8 miles from campus is Dia Doce.  The West Chester cupcake shop is an inexpensive bakery perfect for college students in need for a treat.  Open seven days a week, it is the go-to place for cupcakes in West Chester.  

Dia Doce’s eight weekly flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet.   Beyond the normal flavors, the menu includes a rousing supply of spectacular options. The Blueberry Cinnabon, for instance, is a brown sugar cake studded with blueberries topped with maple cinnamon buttercream with Cinnabon and blueberry glaze. 

Not only this, but Dia Doce went as far as winning Cupcake Wars, on Food Network, in March of 2012.

One reviewer commented that, “I often think cupcakes never taste as good as they look but that’s not the case here. All our cupcakes were delicious!! The chocolate mousse was amazing.”  

The experience shopping at Dia Doce, is a remarkable adventure that all college students at West Chester should try at least once.


Monday – Sunday (7am – 4pm)

5. Yori’s Bakery

Located on North Church Street, 0.9 miles from campus is Yori’s Bakery.  

From freshly baked pastries to wedding cakes, there’s something for everyone. All of their delicious creations are done on premise, guaranteeing the freshest of products.

What really sets them apart from other local bakeries is the way the creativity shines throughout the bakery.  The selection of desserts here is something you will never find anywhere else.   For instance, their cakes have the options of rolled fondant, drawings, and edible images.

One reviewer wrote, “So pleased with the service and quality at Yori’s.”  Another recently wrote, “The almond croissant is to DIE for!! Must try!!”  This goes to show that customers are very happy with Yori’s Bakery.  

Yori’s Bakery is perfect for college students looking to grab a sweet early morning dessert or an afternoon snack, in downtown West Chester.  


Monday – Saturday (7am – 7pm)

Sunday (7am – 3pm)

West Chester is home to some of the best dessert shops and bakeries in the mid-atlantic.  Luckily for college students attending WCU, they are not going anywhere either!