Your Weekly Guide to West Chester Bars

A huge part of Downtown West Chester is its food and drink scene. While it is most lively on the weekends, some of the best bars in town offer up weekly specials and events. Whether karaoke is your jam or you like to test out your and your friends’ knowledge with quizzo, this article will explore what some of our favorite West Chester bars offer.

While all of these West Chester bars have nightly food and drink specials, this article will explore the other activities that the bars have scheduled weekly. For more information, you can visit their websites, which are linked below. And just a friendly reminder to readers that to enjoy these bars you must be over 21 years of age!

Barnaby’s West Chester

At Barnaby’s, located at  15 S High St, there are plenty of specials that will keep your week busy!

Mondays: Music Bingo

Tuesdays: Karaoke

Wednesdays: Quizzo

Thursday through Saturday: DJ

Kildare’s West Chester

This popular spot is located at 18 W Gay St and has many specials for your nights out in West Chester!

Sunday: Karaoke

Monday: Quizzo

Thursday: Name That Tune Trivia

Thursday through Saturday: DJ

Saloon 151 West Chester

Saloon 151

While this West Chester favorite, located at 151 W Gay St, does not have something every night of the week, they have specials like no other bar in town!

Mondays: Poker

Tuesdays: Quizzo

Wednesdays: Music Bingo

Ryan’s Pub

Ryan’s, located at 124 W Gay ST has many food and drink specials that run throughout the week, but their Thursday nights are worth noting!

Thursdays: Quizzo

Since all of the weekly schedules listed are more activity related, it is essential to note where to find live music in West Chester. If you are looking for a fun night with live music, Slow Hand is the way to go. Nearly every night there is a live performance scheduled.