3 Reasons to Study Abroad

Griffin Bonner

Studying abroad is the most unmatched aspect of the college experience for any university student.

Photo of a foreign land.

The allure of exploration and adventure has attracted even the most reserved of scholars. Travel can cause them to break from the mundane in search of a new and exciting realm of higher education. The international lifestyle draws students in, while academic, cultural, and career benefits stick with them forever.

*RECORD SCRATCH* The world and every city in it is your playground. It needs to be climbed on. That’s how I feel. And if you’re going to take anything from this, its that you should travel. Now, I’m not going to explain my unforgettable stories; I want to leave it up to you to experience them yourself. But,I will provide wisdom that will help you in the long run.

Now, here are 3 aspects of studying abroad that any student can benefit from

Take advantage of your opportunity to see the world

I spent the majority of my time studying in Barcelona, Spain. Within my semester in Spain, I visited many other European countries including Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and The Netherlands. I traveled through numerous cities in between. Each trip takes on an entirely different experience.

 You may never be given an opportunity to gain college credits while exploring different regions of the world. Travel off beaten paths, take chances, and be eager to find somewhere new with people you’ve never met.

There are various travel companies and program affiliates willing to accommodate your travel preferences based on your interest of destination. I traveled through “Bus2Alps” on three separate occasions to the cities of Florence, Interlaken, and Munich. I enjoyed how the company ran their tours. The company is located in most major Study abroad locations. Plus, they are equipped with staff that know how to create an experience. Here’s what they had to say about accessibility internationally.

Studying abroad in Europe is more than classrooms in a new country. At what other time in your life will you be so conveniently located that traveling to a new country is just a bus ride away?”

–  “Bus2Alps” team

Broaden your understanding of different cultures, and expand your global reach

mountain view

Major Key:  Be comfortable in the realm of the unknown

 You’ll always be a drop in the bucket, even in the states. Even so, you should embrace the feeling of being unaware and unfamiliar with life around you. Each region of the world is rich with unique cultural differences that will only be experienced if you are open to them.

 As a Communication Studies major placed in a Liberal Arts and Social Sciences program, my worldview was heightened after a semester overseas. Most of my courses revolved around intercultural diversity and social engagement on a global scale. Classes like “Spanish Civilization & Culture”, gave me a better understanding of history and norms of the country I lived in. Next, a course like international service learning & social exclusion gave me the chance to be a part of the community that surrounded me. The service learning course offered me a chance to volunteer my time at remedial school by the name of “acidH” for “borderline” students with social, and cognitive learning disabilities. From teaching English to learning Catalan, I got to connect with international students on a personal level. That may have never happened without my involvement in a study abroad program.

Studying abroad will require you to reassess your assumptions and perceptions of the great big world. But, I promise it’s much different once you’re finally outside what you’ve grown accustomed to.

You are not alone… As I approach graduation at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, I can say with the utmost honesty and sincerity that my spring semester abroad in 2018 was the greatest time of my life. According to the International Institute of Education (2016), 325,339 American students who studied abroad in 2016/2017 have the opportunity to agree with me. In addition, there was a 3.8 percent increase from the year before that. I’d imagine the numbers will continue to rise

Gain vital professional and life skills for years to come

professional skills for years to come
professional skills

 Lastly, The demand for international business, communication, and professional skills has reached new heights. Studying abroad will give students a refined outlook into how global businesses interact and operate internationally.

“I benefitted from gaining a cultural understanding that was unattainable without making the decision to study abroad, having to interact with people from diverse backgrounds enhanced my communication skills more than I’d ever imagine”

            Tyler Bogart, Business Marketing and Management, 

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

  • That guy was my roommate, and now a best friend of mine. While that quote is nearly a regurgitation of everything I wrote about in this blog; It is an honest take on what Studying Abroad can do for any student. If you take anything from what I have written about, it is that studying abroad will help you gain vital professional and life. studying abroad allows you to explore the world, and enable you to broaden your understanding of different cultures. while expanding your global reach