College Apartment Essentials

white wooden desk near bed inside the room

Moving into you first apartment is an exciting step as a college student. As exciting as it is, it can also bring an overwhelming and stressful feeling when it comes to what you need. To reduce those feelings, here are some college apartment essentials you will need to bring with you to WCU!

1. Air fryer

sliced orange fruit on white ceramic plate

Living in an apartment, you may not have a meal plan associated with the school. So cooking is something you are going to have to do. An air fryer is a must for this. It is easy to use, works fast, and is convenient for cooking. You can make a variety of foods in this like vegetables, fried food, toast bagels… the list goes on and on. If you are going to get any of the 10 college apartment essentials on the list, let it be this.

2. Brita Filter

clear drinking glass on white table

This pitcher will save you money on water bottles and trips to the grocery store. It will also provide better water for you and your roommates to drink, compared to tap water from your apartment’s sink. 

3. Plastic Utensils and Paper Plates

I can’t imagine a college student who enjoys having to wash dishes all the time. This investment will save you and your roommates all of that trouble. Getting a pack of paper plates and plastic utensils will also save you the trouble of having to bring a bunch of glass plates from home. Those may even break in your car on the way to move in and leave you with a mess.

4. Cleaning Supplies

Person Wearing White Pants and White Socks Standing Beside Brown Broom

I cannot stress this enough- your apartment will get dirty! People will be in and out of your apartment constantly. You will most likely have roommates; more people equals more mess. You will need things such as a vacuum, mop, wipes, multipurpose spray, paper towels, etc. One thing my roommates and I didn’t even think about, is that you will need a carpet cleaner. Things get dirty throughout the week; you will these need supplies!

5. Basic Tool Kit

balck drill kit

A basic tool kit is something many don’t think about bringing to a college apartment, but it will be used. This is something I even brought to my dorm and used. Moving into a college apartment, you will need to build items such as bed frames, desks, dressers, and nightstands. Keeping the tool kit around after moving in will also be helpful. Things may break and screws may become loose throughout the year. You may even buy new furniture and décor that could need to be put together with these simple tools. 

6. Storage Bins

College apartments in West Chester are not as big as you think. Especially when sharing them with several people. You will need more storage for yourself, and you will want it to be organized and more accessible to you. Getting storage bins for under your bed is a must!

7. Quarters

Coins Inside Jar

Many West Chester apartments have coin operated washing and drying machines, and not many have a coin dispenser for cash. You will have to do laundry several times here so having extra quarters are a must. 

8. Slippers

This is something I didn’t think about before moving into my apartment. After moving in, I now have two pairs. Having slippers is so convenient for walking around your apartment / apartment complex. They are even an easy on and off to run a quick errand in town or on campus.   

9. Wall Decor

white desk lamp beside green plant

You will have bare wall space to decorate, more than the wall space you had in your dorm room. This essential is something you can have fun with. There are endless possibilities for what you can do to make your college apartment feel like home to you.  

10. TV

black flat screen tv turned on showing game

For entertainment purposes, this is great to put in your living room area. Having a TV to watch a movie with your roommates and friends is great for bonding!

This list of 10 college apartment essentials will really help those students out who aren’t quite sure what to bring. Most of these items listed will also save you time! Good luck with your transition- you will love your first apartment!