Meet Alyssa Innaurato #Facesofcom

Meet Alyssa

About Alyssa  

Alyssa Innaurato is an empathetic and kind hearted Media and Culture student from Media, PA. Alyssa chose this major because she wants to go into the Public Relations and Social Media Marketing field. Last summer, she took a social media marketing class and fell in love with the industry. She loves that the Media and Culture courses at WCU center around exactly what she wants to do. In the future, Alyssa wants to manage social media accounts of a large company or do something with event planning. 

Alyssa #facesofcom

Alyssa’s High School Experience

When Alyssa was a freshman, she was an English major. English has always been her favorite subject in school. Alyssa’s 9th grade English teacher, Ms. Bury, really made her love the subject. She believes that teachers and professors have the ability to encourage students to pursue their passions, and that’s exactly what Ms. Bury did for her. 

In high school, Alyssa participated in a Spanish exchange program where she had the amazing opportunity to travel to Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona. This travel experience opened up Alyssa’s eyes to a completely different culture and lifestyle and gave her so many opportunities to grow as a person.  

Alyssa #facesofcom

Why did Alyssa chose WCU?  

Alyssa decided to come to West Chester University because her cousin, Nicole, is a WCU alumni. Nicole inspired her to attend WCU and gave her so much advice and mentored her through the college application process. Alyssa learned so much about WCU and college life in general from Nicole. Since her parents went to trade school, she did not know much about college life, so Nicole really helped her out. She really made the process easier and helped her make the decision to come to West Chester University. Alyssa loves WCU and is so happy that she decided to come here. 

Growing up, she watched her parents pursue their dreams by opening up a salon called Jordan Thomas Salon. She gained creativity from her mother who is an amazing makeup artist, and a strong work ethic from her father who stands on his feet five days a week cutting hair. She is really grateful that her parents are so generous and have created amazing lives for herself and her brother.  

Alyssa #Facesofcom