Meet Sarah Foti #FacesofCom

“Starting out as a Communications major, it is completely okay to not know what you want to do with your degree right away. Through your courses and with help from your peers, professors, and advisors, narrowing down your interests and discovering your passions can be easy.” – Sarah

Meet Sarah

Sarah Foti is a senior at West Chester University. Knowing that she had a passion for writing and creating media, Sarah chose to major in Communications. Her future career plans are now to go into either the public relations field or media production as she loves script writing.

Favorite Courses

As Sarah discovered the career path she wanted to take, she has encountered many terrific learning experiences as well as learned a few painful lessons along the way. In college,  Sarah’s favorite subjects are English, Film, and Psychology. Through these courses, she discovered her love for being creative and exploring what makes us human.

Lessons Learned

The most painful lesson she learned while interning, is that sometimes you have to start over from scratch. After sending in a finished product that she had been working on for months her client changed their mind about what they wanted. They decided on a new script and asked for a brand new commercial.  Instead of being discouraged, Sarah went straight back to the drawing board to start fresh. She re-contacted actors, recorded new audio, and created a brand new commercial.

Growing Up

Sarah is from Doylestown, PA, an urban town about an hour outside of Philadelphia. She grew up with two very hardworking parents who were always passionate about what they do. Seeing how much they loved their careers is something Sarah has always strived to achieve herself. Her parents taught her never to settle for anything less than what’s best for her and what truly makes her happy.  

What makes Sarah Happy

One of the things that makes Sarah happy is being able to help other people and share her love with the world. In high school, she traveled to the Dominican Republic, two different times, with her church to help rebuild the village of Barahona. Aside from providing a helping hand, Sarah would love to go back and visit all the amazing people she was able to become friends with.