Meet Richard Forcey #FacesofCom

Meet Richard

Richard is senior Communication Studies Major here at WCU. He is very involved in clubs and teams which allow him to really gain experience for his future career aspirations. Through his various involvements on campus, Richard is definitely a go getter. He likes to get his hands dirty, and he doesn’t want to leave much to chance. Richard helps motivate students to gain as much as experience as they can and network while the opportunities are present. Whether that be gaining experience in media, business, or even art; networking is a must. Connections made through networking can help make the impossible, possible. Richard helps students understand that actually going out and gaining experience in your field of choice can truly help you become a true practitioner in your future career.

Benefits of joining clubs

Richard shows that by joining clubs and being involved on campus can really strengthen your resume. It helps create relevant experience that employers are looking for. Additionally, having your foot in the door can really aid in furthering your resume and in some cases help a candidate get hired faster and with better pay. By having experience, an employer can view this as quality assurance that you will be a beneficial employee.

Advice for new students

Richard finds it valuable to encourage incoming freshmen that although he once was skeptical about enjoying college due to fear of too much work and the challenges that it brings, he quickly discovered how much he actually enjoyed school. It becomes especially interesting when you take classes that are associated with your major and help you learn information that you can use later in your professional life. Richard has these motivating words for students, “Coming out of college, I look back and wonder why I was even anxious in the first place. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my youth!” There is so much to learn through the people that you meet and the experiences that you get to share with them. You can make lasting friendships at college.

Good Friend

Richard is a really good guy. He is friendly from the moment that you meet him. He is open and loves to help! He is skilled in photography and enjoys helping others learn how to use the various photographic equipment as well. He is a good teacher that encourages others to think creatively when deciding shoot locations and poses when taking pictures. Richard shares his knowledge to further the expertise of others. If one word could be used to sum up Richard, it would be the Yiddish word, “Mench”, meaning good person.