Meet Alyssa Johnson #FacesofCom

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa Johnson has dreams of one day becoming the president of a marketing association and traveling to Thailand to do volunteer work. But who is she, how will she achieve these goals, and what will she do in the mean time?   

Alyssa, who is twenty-one is originally from Collegeville, Pennsylvania.  She previously attended Montgomery Community College before transferring to West Chester University where she is now a Junior majoring in communication studies. If it had not been for her time spent at MCC she may have never developed her love for communications. It was there in a marketing class that she met a teacher who inspired her to pursue a career in marketing and communications.

However, this is not the first time she was inspired to purse a career she may have never chose for herself. She was inspired to purse a job in technology after attending a women’s STEM conference. That conference gave her the confidence to reach outside of her comfort zone and work towards a degree in the media industry and while she couldn’t pin point what that was going to be at that time she has since found her path.   

 Alyssa’s Interests

When Alyssa is not busy with her school work she has a number of extra circular activities. However, her favorite would be spending time volunteering. She often volunteers at nearby soup kitchens. When Alyssa helps others, it makes her feel good and while her generous spirit does so much for the West Chester community one day she hopes to spend time volunteering throughout the world to make as much of an impact as possible. When she is not volunteering at the soup kitchens you can find her at the SPCA. While at the SPCA she can combine her love of volunteering with her love of animals. Alyssa said if should could only bring one thing with her to a deserted island her choice would be her dog. 

Where would you live?

We asked Alyssa, “if you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?” She chose Jamaica. She explained that she knows many people who are from Jamaica and everyone of them loves it. This reasoning is very similar to why her dream job is to be president of a marketing association. Alyssa knows someone who holds that position and loves their job. It is really important to her that she is doing something she will enjoy. 

Alyssa is planning to graduate 2020 and hopes to begin a job in marketing. She has big things in store for her future and she is sure to do great things.