Five Songs to Listen to on Your Walk to Class

Before starting my first day of school three weeks ago, the first thing that I did was make a playlist. I mapped out how long it would take me to get from one class to another and accordingly aligned my songs to that hike to class.

For me, the music that I listen to on my walk to class in the most important thing to getting my day kickstarted. Nothing is better than tuning out the world while walking through campus to some great music. Here are some trending songs that will have you ready to start your day with a bang.


By Steve Lacy featuring Fousheé

As of right now, Lacy’s song “Bad Habit” is currently rising to be one of top songs in the country on Billboard. “Sunshine” being one of the final singles released prior to the original album release gave his listeners a final hint to the overall sound of the album’s sound. With that, my personal favorite from his newest album Gemini Rights is this collaboration with Fousheé. This song was popular on Tik Tok soon after the release of his album on July 15, but is definitely one of the more popular songs from the album. “Sunshine” is upbeat, (given the name) and will have you in a good mood right for that first class of the day.

Listen here:

“Charcoal Baby”

By Blood Orange

I know that many people were in attendance of some of the Harry Styles residency shows at Madison Square Garden (including me), with the band Blood Orange opening for him. Now, a lot of people treated this section of the show as a time to go to the bathroom, buy merchandise, or simple buffer time for arriving just in time for the main event. I was able to listen to this band before Styles took the stage, and I am thankful for it. This is mainly because I love a bunch of their songs, and this one stuck out to me. “Charcoal Baby”, released in 2018, and was one of the first songs they sang on the setlist. I highly recommend listening to the openers at concerts because you just might find your new favorite artist, and I highly recommend checking out more of Blood Orange’s music.

Listen here:

“Is It True”

By Tame Impala

According to, the average beats per minute (BPM) that a twenty year old walks to is within the range of 100-170 beats per minute. Luckily enough, the BPM of “Is It True” by Tame Impala is 118 BPM. From personal experience, this song is a perfect song to walk to. Not only because of the upbeat tempo, but because of the consistent beat that keeps you walking at a brisk pace. With the upbeat tempo and funk-inspired sound, it is easy to see why this album trended #1 on Billboard’s Adult Alternative chart. Not only was it trending following the release of the album, but is slowly crawling its way back up once again thanks to Tik Tok.

Listen here:

“The Shade”

By Rex Orange County

This is one of my favorite songs off of Rex Orange County’s newest album, “WHO CARES?”, released earlier this year in May. Although released a few months ago, this song is still trending and remains on the charts. I attended his tour earlier this year, and it is one of my personal favorites off of the album. It is a song that is perfect for listening to as the sun comes up on a chilly fall morning. It is both chill and upbeat at the same time that will put you in a good mood for your next class.

Listen here:

“Love Lost”

By Mac Miller, The Temper Trap

Mac Miller’s most recent post-humous mixtape has taken his fans by storm. This mixtape contains one song that seems to represent Miller’s diversity in his music production. That song is entitled “Love Lost” featuring The Temper Trap. Upon its highly anticipated release, this song took over teenagers on Tik Tok and became trending rapidly — similarly the way his song “The Spins” also was revitalized from his album from 2010, “K.I.D.S.”. This song truly exudes good vibes for two minutes and forty two seconds, and is a perfect song to allow you to jump start your day.

Sometimes, waking up in a bad mood before class can ruin the rest of your day. But your walk to class doesn’t always have to be a dreaded task. Personally, some of the best parts of my day are the walks to class because of the music I am listening to. Hopefully, in this article you find a song that makes your walk to class a positive part of your day.

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