Opening New Doors

Big Dreams

In high school, my life consisted of binging on Grey’s Anatomy and mesmerizing how I would be a doctor. I would help others and  chanege the world one day. I always had a passion for helping others and wanted my career to align with this important part of me. Coming to college, at West Chester University, was a rough and quick realization that I would never be Christina Yang. I came into college as a Communicative Sciences and Disorders major, in hopes of becoming an Audiologist. However, long-term this wasn’t for me and I wouldn’t be happy. Finding a new major was a struggle, and I chose Communication Studies on a limb. In my mind I was good at communicating- what more could it be?

New Realizations

To my surprise, the Communication Studies Major was so much more. The more I began to learn, the more entrenched I was. At this time, I decided to put myself out there and run for the Vice President of Programming Position for my Sorority. This role was in charge of planning large-scale events across campus and raising money and awareness for National Philanthropic Efforts.

I enrolled in an event planning class at the University and used what I learned in class to directly plan my large scale events. I spent countless hours working on my first large event, “Deepher Dude”, a campus/ community-wide male talent show, to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. The event came together beautifully and I was applauded for raising more than $14,000.00 for my event and the meticulous detail I put in. I learned I was pretty good at this event planning thing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Dreams Change

After this experience, I learned that I loved planning events so much that it was something I would want to do for my entire life. I thought long and hard about where my passions lie and finally came to a realization about what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to combine my passion for helping others and event planning. I decided at that moment I was going to work towards becoming an event planner for CHOP planning their big annual fundraising events. Realizing what I wanted to do in life, suddenly opened so many doors for me.

Breaktaking Opportunties

In no time, I landed an Event Coordinator Internship at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This was a beautiful experience that allowed me hands-on exposure to help families raise money and awareness for their loved ones who have been diagnosed. Working one on one with my supervisor, I got to plan Big Climb Philly. I got to use my voice and ideas to make a difference. I got to visit different University Campuses, Places of Recreation, Places of Employment to promote the event and raise awareness for this incredible cause.

Not long after, I landed an Event Coordinating Internship with M+G Events. For my time spent working with this company, my task was to have a hand in planning Bancroft’s 25th Annual Butterfly Ball. This ball brought in nearly 600 guests to raise funding for their new Campuses for education for children and adults with learning disabilities. This event came together beautifully and was eye-opening to see so many individuals stand together for one common cause.


In short time, I discovered a new intern opportunity with Turn5. This position was an Event Coordinator, to help put together their 10th Annual American Muscle Mustang Show. This show brought in people from all over the world and raised money for Make-A-Wish. Last year, they granted over 23 wishes, and hope to surpass that this year. I am currently still working here, trying to make this a great event to extend more wishes to more children.


Don’t be Afriad to Open Doors

All of these experiences along the way, have taken pieces of my heart. I would have never had these experiences if I never became a Communication Studies Student at West Chester University. As a result, I learned that I would never be Christina Yang. However, my passions and career goals can align and bring me true happiness in life. I have learned more about myself, others, and this world from these impactful experiences. The Communication Studies Major has truly opened doors for me, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I urge you, don’t be afraid to open new doors, you may find what you love.