Top 3 Things I Am Thankful For In West Chester, PA

aerial photography of city

There are so many things to be thankful for, even in 2020. It’s a week shy of Thanksgiving and that means two things: we’re about to stuff our faces with a lot of food and we are often finding ourselves counting our blessings. Whether you’ve grown up in West Chester your whole life or you’ve just moved here to start your college career, there is something in this cute, quaint town for everyone. While we are far more blessed with the amount of words I will be able to fit onto this page, here are the top 7 things I am thankful for in West Chester, PA.

1. West Chester University, obviously.

I am so thankful to receive my education from WCU. The Communication and Media department has grown so much in my four years, they offer so much more now than when I started (i.e. digital marketing minor, various new clubs, media & culture major). The staff is beyond amazing and have been super flexible amidst teaching online courses during a pandemic. The lessons, friendships, and memories made at WCU are something I will carry with me my entire life.

2. Stroud Nature Preserve

Do you ever just need a break from studying or to clear your head? A nice walk at Stroud is one way to do it. It is 3 miles from the heart of town. You can enjoy a quick walk on the pavement, a nice 3.7 mile hike through the woods, or take a walk up the hill (you’ll know which one I’m talking about) for a breathtaking view, especially in the spring and fall. It is pet friendly and you can even fish!

3. Gay Street

Gay Street is the heart of West Chester. Here you can find the best bars, restaurants, shops, and sense of community. Some of my personal favorites include Jaco Juice and Taco bar for my morning juice or smoothie fix. They have the sweetest staff and dog treats for your pup! Fairman’s is a cool, chic skate shop where you can buy a new skateboard or fresh pair of kicks. Another favorite shop is Malena’s, an adorable vintage boutique shop with an evolving selection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Gay Street offers a variety of bars and eateries, something for everyone. What more can you ask for?

While there are many other cute places, streets, and things to do in West Chester, these are just some of my favorite. Take a second to think about what you’re thankful for in West Chester and why you love to call this town home.