Event Planning- How to Make It a Career

Becoming an event planner

Event planning covers a wide variety of areas that are not only exciting but also rewarding. When becoming an event planner, it’s important to know that companies and organizations are looking for enthusiastic and driven candidates. The main responsibilities of event planning includes providing an unmatched customer service and organizing memorable events for clients. As someone who’s had experience in event coordinating, planning an event is never easy, but it’s worth it. Doing something that benefits others, seeing the excitement on their faces, and having your ideas come to life is extremely rewarding. This job gives you the platform to express your creativity and organizational skills in both a unique and exciting way.

The Duties Associated With Event Planning

            An event planner has a variety of important duties pertaining to an event. The main goal is to ensure everything runs smoothly, however, there are many other duties of the job. Event planners are in charge of structuring the event, coordinating the moving parts, and ensuring everyone is satisfied with their time spent. They have to choose a location that would best suite everyone, hire caterers, the entertainment, transportation and any other suggested vendors. The design aspect is such an exciting duty for any event planner. You can express your creativity in so many different ways. Assistance can range from any organization and consists of coordinating conventions, meetings, or private gatherings.

The Environment

            A lot of the time, event planners have duties in and out of their offices. Most of their work hours consist of venturing to event sites and venues, so there tends to be a lot of travel as an event planner. The work can be demanding which is why organization is crucial in this field. Event planners find that the most demanding times are the days leading up to an event or gathering because of the final touches that need to be perfected, so this time consists of many additional hours. Multiple events and meetings are coordinated at the same time, which also causes a lot of work for the planner.

            Let me explain how an event planner’s day would go on the day of an event. The planners mind is super busy, making sure everything goes perfectly. They are checking on lighting, food, the placement of seats, décor, and even signs to the bathroom. If this is a formal event, event planners will be working night and day making sure each person at the gathering is in the right place at the right time. Luckily, all of the stress leading up to these events ends with an extremely rewarding feeling. Most event planners will even be able to take a few days off until the next event arises.

Education and Experience

            Depending on the area of planning, including weddings, business meetings, and other personal events, education and training requirements may vary. Many event planners do not need a formal education. Most earn at least a bachelor’s degree in any related major such as, business, communications and public relations. Event planners can gain experience through internships and working in positions in the hospitality industry. To gain some other experience, you can volunteer at social events, school events, or any other local event. The more experience you receive, the easier it would be to move up in a business or organization. As an event planner, it’s important to withhold skills like communication, attention to detail, coordination, problem solving, and interpersonal skills.

An Event Planners Salary

            There are different areas of event planning, therefore, the salary of an event planner may vary depending on the organization they work for. It also depends on if they work independently, the location, and the experience. They can earn around $50k-$90k per year. The longer event planners work for a company and the type of organization it is, plays a big role in how much income they will receive.

How to Prepare for a Career in Event Planning

            As a college student, there are many different classes you can take to help you prepare for this job. Taking media and culture classes is helpful because you learn about various types of technology and advancements. I also believe business classes can help you become an event planner. Being an event planner comes with knowing people and how to work well with others. Marketing and public relations are also great classes to take. Organizations that will help with becoming an event planner include social media managing, local events and internships. Being in a fraternity, sorority, club, or any other organization is a great way to involve yourself in planning events.

            Event planning has many rewarding and exciting aspects. From connections, to expressing your creativity skills, and making any event as special and memorable as possible. There are many internships in big cities and different ways to improve your skills if it’s something that you’re interested in. No matter what route you take with event planning, it is always exciting and enjoyable to work on different types of events.

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