Meet Devonté Burrell #FacesofCom

Meet Devonté

Devonté Burrell is a junior at West Chester University. He is double majoring in communications and media and culture. He is also double minoring in deaf studies and psychology. He is fluent in ASL and is in the process of learning French. Devonté is very determined and goes above and beyond in his studies. He is a great leader and is very involved on campus. He’s the Vice President of the American Sign Language club and of the SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance).   

Goals and Role Models

Devonté considers himself to be “outgoing, confident and flawless” (which is a term of endearment for him). His idols are Beyoncé, Jhené Aiko, Kehlani and Nicki Minaj. He loves them because they are extremely confident, they take pride in their work, and they all help society in some way or form. It’s this type of well-roundedness and success that Devonté admires and strives for. Devonté wants to use his major to be a movie producer. He’d love to produce a movie that makes a lasting impact on the world. When asked about his goals, he was adamant about being successful. His main goal is to be successful, so his family can be in a good place. He is a very family oriented person and does whatever he can to support his family. 


When Devonté isn’t at school or work, one of his favorite hobbies is going to concerts.  Going to concerts has inspired him to want to work with artists on ideas for their concerts or music videos. This has become a career goal for him. The most recent concert he’s gone to is the “On The Run 2” featuring Beyonce and Jay Z. This was a truly amazing experience for him because he was right in front of the best performers in the music industry. He loves the whole experience and atmosphere of concerts. He continues to be inspired everyday by these performers and can’t wait to be a part of creating the magic one day.  

Love of Fashion

Devonté also has a very unique fashion sense that he calls a, “refined tackiness”. He wears outfits that you don’t see very often. He loves to stand apart from the crowd and be in the spotlight. Another dream of his is to become a model one day. He would love to work with designers and wear the craziest outfits possible on the runway. While he loves the attention, Devonté considers himself an introvert and a homebody. He’d prefer to relax at home instead of going to parties. He is very friendly and outgoing, but definitely values his alone time.