Find Your Workspace.

It’s crazy how a workspace can have such an impact on your success as a student. There’s dorm room workers, Starbucks workers, outside workers, library workers, quad workers, lobby workers and so much more. These people don’t just work here for any random reason, they work here because, for them, it’s how they get their highest grade…or it’s how they think they can get their highest grade.

Freshman Year:

I didn’t do any homework unless I was in my dorm room.

To me, I thought that was the best place for me to get the highest grade possible. If that was the case, that was very sad considering my grades were not even close to being good. But for some odd reason, I didn’t change what I was doing. I sat there day in and day out doing my homework in my room and got no different results. My roommate was the same way. He only ever did work in our dorm room but for some reason, his grades were so much better than mine were and I was left very confused whenever one of us got a grade back. He got his usual A or B while I was sitting there confused with my all too familiar C or D.

So one day I wanted to do something different, just get out of the room, and get some change of scenery. In result, my roommate and I decided to take a long, unenthusiastic walk to the library. I got there and hated every second of it. Everyone sat there with their head buried in their laptop. I was in awe of the fact that hundreds of people came here every day. But I told myself that I would give it a chance so I sat there for an hour and tried to do my homework. Naturally, I got nothing done. I sat there staring at a wall, thinking of 100 more places I’d rather be than the library. I vowed to leave and never come back- meaning, my sophomore year, I was once again stuck doing homework in my room.

Junior Year:

I had an epiphany.

I was now a junior in college and things were not looking too bright for me… and things would continue to do so unless I did something about it. So, I decided to take the long dreaded walk over to the library to give it one more try. I hated myself for being back there but I knew that I had to do something different so I sat down, pulled out my things, and began to work.

I couldn’t have been more shocked by the results.

I was actually getting work done! I was able to study and learning the material became easier over time. I was so amazed at myself, and it showed in my grades too. Slowly but surely, they began to drastically improve. From that point on, I refuse to do homework in my room and only do it in the library. It’s now my favorite place to be when completing work… I’m even sitting in the library as I write this! It’s all uphill from here.

Although I vowed never to return to the library freshman year, I became more comfortable as I regularly attended. All I needed to get my things done is my headphones, books, my laptop, charger, a good place to sit and I’m fully prepared to get work done. To think, this was all thanks to taking the time to find my workplace.

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