Meet Rachel Goldsborough #FacesofCom

Meet Rachel

Rachel Goldsborough grew up in West Chester Pa with her two parents and older sister. Rachel grew up in West Chester and characterizes the town as small but with plenty to do. When Rachel was younger she always loved going to the town’s Christmas and Halloween parades every year. Rachel and her mom would stay to the very end when West Chester’s marching band would fill the streets with music and festive outfits. 

Transfer to WCU

Rachel is a junior here at West Chester University. She majors is Communications with a minor in Media and Culture. Freshman year, Rachel went to Immaculata University but quickly realized it was not the right fit for her.  Rachel soon realized she wanted to transfer to West Chester, and she says making that decision was the best choice for her. Rachel’s parents both went to WCU. They met first day in biology class in the Schmucker Science center. Rachel came back to her roots and her childhood.  

Involvement on campus 

While at West Chester, Rachel has been involved in many things on and off campus. She frequently volunteers for the SPCA, West Chester’s resource pantry, Good Works, and “Stop Hunger Now”. Good Works is an organization through her church where she and a group of people, like contractors and electricians, go to houses in the community and fix them up. “Stop Hunger Now” is an organization that is a hunger relief program that delivers food to the world’s poorest countries. Rachel says volunteering with “Stop Hunger Now” is one of her favorite organizations to help with because it is such a fun environment.

Current job

Rachel has been working retail for almost two years. She works at Ann Taylor Loft. Working at Loft Rachel has been able to put her Communication degree to work. She has learned many ways to talk to the clients and dissolve situations that may arise. Rachel says she enjoys working in retail because she can meet so many amazing people. 

Future goals

Out of college, Rachel wishes to work for a cosmetic company either in Marketing or developing products. One of Rachel’s hobbies is makeup artistry. Freshman year is when her interest in makeup sparked, and ever since then she has wanted to work in cosmetics. Over the summer, Rachel started an Instagram page dedicated to her knowledge of cosmetic products. Creating these Instagram posts prepares Rachel for her career when working in marketing and also her knowledge of products will help when it comes to developing her career.