5 Fantasy Football Sleepers You Need On Your Team

Sports betting is a very popular activity that college students enjoy. Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. Many college students love to sports bet because of the thrill they get while they watch the game. A popular form of sports betting is through fantasy football leagues. Teams will all pitch in a certain amount of money in the beginning of the season and the winner receives the whole pot. Sometimes the winner doesn’t get the whole thing, There have been leagues where 2nd place and 3rd place win money, too. Obviously, winning 1st place will make you more money than 2nd place, and 2nd place will win more than 3rd. These 8 fantasy football sleepers will help you bring home the championship and even a possible cash prize.

Courtland Sutton (Wide Receiver – Broncos)

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After having a mediocre season in 2021, 2022 will surely be Sutton’s year. He now has a new quarterback in Russel Wilson, so he shouldn’t have any problem getting the ball. When Russel Wilson played for the Seahawks, he loved targeting his outside receiver, and that’s what Sutton is. Sutton is a tall, big body receiver who is great at boxing out. His 6 foot 4 size helps him play to that skill set. Pairing him with Russ allows them to complement each other on the field.

Christian Watson (Wide Receiver – Packers)

This rookie out of North Dakota State was drafted by the Packers in the second round of the 2022 NFL draft. Since The Packers lost their top receiver in Devonte Adams, they needed to replace his spot. Watson had incredible numbers at the draft combine, which clearly impressed The Packers. Since he is a rookie, he isn’t fully polished yet. He should get plenty of opportunities to succeed with one of the best quarterbacks of all time on his team, Aaron Rodgers.

Miles Sanders (Running Back – Eagles)

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Miles Sanders has been a very streaky player in the past. After not scoring a touchdown in his 2021 campaign, he has something to prove in 2022. Even though he is not a great running back in the redzone, he is great at getting yards. He is a yards machine, so if he does not score a touchdown, you can rely on a lot of yards to give you a solid week consistently being the eagles RB1.

Dameon Pierce (Running Back – Texans)

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Dameon Pierce is a rookie running back, who quickly beat out Marlon Mack and Rex Burkhead for the RB1 role. After receiving that role in the offense, he should get the most touches out of the Texans backfield. We would also expect him to get the goal line carries since he is a hard runner. If the Texans poor offense can get the ball to the redzone multiple times a game, and give him opportunities on the goaline, we can see him doing really well this season.

Robert Woods (Wide Receiver – Titans)

Robert Woods is a proven player in this league. The Titans traded for him this offseason. The titans lost AJ Brown this offseason, so they needed to replace him with someone. Woods will either be the number 1 receiver or number 2. If he takes on the wide receiver 1 role, he would be getting a ton of targets. Even if he doesn’t and is a number 2, let’s expect him to have a big year with Ryan Tannehill. He thrived in the rams offense being their WR2, so that may be happening in Tennessee as well. Tannehill loves his tall receivers. AJ Brown used to be his security blanket- Woods can now be that guy.

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Investing in these guys give you huge boom potential. Any of these players have the ability to have a break out year which can put your team over the top. These are all guys you can get late in the draft, so you wont even need to use high draft capital on them. Using a late pick on a player that does really well can put you over the top. Although because these guys are sleepers, there is a shot they do not pan out, but that’s the risk you should be willing to take with these late round picks.