Meet Aimee Padley

Meet Aimee Aimee Padley is a sophomore from Springfield, Pennsylvania in Delaware County. She recently changed her major to the new Media & Culture major and has a minor in Spanish. She switched to the Media & Culture major from the Communications Studies major because of its specific focus on public relations and social media.… Continue reading Meet Aimee Padley

Meet Tyler Gillen

Meet Tyler   Tyler Gillen is a senior here at West Chester University. He is a media major with a minor in media and culture. Tyler was born in Langhorne, PA with his mom, dad, and older brother. He graduated from Neshaminy High School in 2014. His future career plans include working in Sports Media and Broadcasting Industry… Continue reading Meet Tyler Gillen

Meet Jayla Murdock

    By: Terren Jackson  Meet Jayla Murdock Jayla Murdock is a senior, communication studies major from York, Pennsylvania. Jayla loved growing up in York. She had lots of friends and she felt he neighborhood was safe and a convivial environment. However, before living in York, she lived in Baltimore, Maryland. Why Jayla chose Communication Many… Continue reading Meet Jayla Murdock

How I met Jared Griffin

By Olivia Hickey Once upon a time in a land known as “Sykes” It all started when I went see my professor for my independent study. We both agreed to apply the “storytelling” concept to the blog. Hence the reason why I am writing in first person tense. She told me about this kid named… Continue reading How I met Jared Griffin

Meet Vanessa Shum #Facesofcom

Meet Vanessa  Vanessa is a junior Communication and Media major with an MDC minor here at West Chester University. Her original intentions were for teaching because it was the best fitting teaching program. After spending 2 years as a teacher’s assistant for preschoolers, Vanessa wanted to make a change in career paths. She looked towards… Continue reading Meet Vanessa Shum #Facesofcom