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5 Fantasy Football Sleepers You Need On Your Team

Sports betting is a very popular activity that college students enjoy. Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. Many college students love to sports bet because of the thrill they get while they watch the game. A popular form of sports betting is through fantasy football …

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Careers in Com: SEO Specialist

Talent often goes unseen. Whether you’re promoting your art or selling merchandise for your website, how are you certain that everyone will watch what you make. Small business owners and future entrepreneurs often neglect engagement but with SEO specialist, it could help boost you to the top of the results page. Thank you, Google! What …

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Publicists have the responsibility of portraying their client to the public eye in a positive light. They constantly manage their client’s day to day relations with the media and other major social media accounts. They’re also responsible for scheduling events, speaking engagements, interviews, and public appearances for their clients. When they arrange these events for …

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SEO Specialist

Requirements & Education                There are many requirements as well as education that an SEO Specialist must have to be hired at a certain job. The applicant must have an understanding of conversion, marketing, and online customer acquisition. Experience with website analytic tools such as, Omniture, WebTrends, and Netinsight, as well as bid management tools. …

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Marketing Coordinator

Job Description So you have a marketing degree, now what? A marketing coordinator supports the marketing department’s initiatives. Specific responsibilities include handling logistics for marketing campaigns, product launches, events and strategic partnerships. A large part of the gig is coordinating cross-functional team efforts, and assisting other team members by researching vendors and market trends, creating …

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A blogger is a specialized content creator who contributes to regularly updated web publications called blogs. Blogs can exist as standalone entities or can be published as part of larger organizational websites. They are helpful in attracting and maintaining regular audiences and can be used as vehicles for education, sales and marketing, as well as …

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Public relations specialist

A public relations specialist uses strategic communication to develop and maintain relationships between an organization and its publics, maintain the favorable image of the organization, and manage the organization’s relationships during crises. As part of their work, a PR specialist develops communication strategy for the organization, creates media kits and press releases, builds and implements …

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