News reporter

A news reporter delivers news stories, feature articles, and analysis about current events in politics, international relations, business, crime, entertainment, health, technology, lifestyle, or science. The stories are published via news agencies, newspapers, radio, websites, television, and magazines. In larger news outlet, each reporter is assigned to an area of specialty called a “beat”. A …

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man in black t-shirt playing audio mixer

Sound engineer

A sound engineer operates equipment and software used in the production of on-air radio programs, recorded audio programming, recorded music, concerts, conferences, sports events, and other live gatherings, as well as television programming, film, and video material. The responsibilities of a sound engineer include setting up and taking down the equipment, recording music, speech, and …

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radio announcer

Radio announcer

Radio announcers present news, weather, commentary, or music on the radio. At smaller stations, radio announcers also may operate studio equipment, produce recorded material like shows and commercials, sell commercial space to advertisers, and edit content on their stations’ websites. Sometimes, announcers also appear at community events and festivals, often performing the MC functions, especially …

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