Media production

Careers in Com: SEO Specialist

Talent often goes unseen. Whether you’re promoting your art or selling merchandise for your website, how are you certain that everyone will watch what you make. Small business owners and future entrepreneurs often neglect engagement but with SEO specialist, it could help boost you to the top of the results page. Thank you, Google! What …

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Post-Production Producer editing a film

Post-Production Producer

Job Overview Post-production producers have a major role in the production process. These roles can include editing, title credit design, blending of audio and color correction. The post-production producer is accountable for supervising all these aspects. This is important in many medias such as a TV shows, commercials, and movies. One of the most common …

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Film Director holding movie clap for start of a new scene.

Film Director

You just finished your favorite movie for the hundredth time. It was just as good as your first time. There’s something special about it, the way the film director ties together the story, the actors, and the overall feel of the movie.  It motivates you- you want to create something just as powerful. Now the …

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Brand Manager

“Brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organization. Branding is about Shaping that perception.” – Marketing Expert Ashley Friedlein: Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker, Author and CEO & Founder of Guild What Is a Brand Manager? As Ashley Friedlein alludes to in the above quote, brand managers make sure their brand is presenting …

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WORK DESCRIPTION A copywriter’s duties in the working field will vary depending on where they work and who they work for. The needs of the employer will determine what the employee’s job is. In all occupations for copywriters, they are expected to write clear and concise copies of what is needed. You need to know …

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To get a surface level understanding of what a publicist does, let’s look at the word itself. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, publicist comes from the French word publicité which means “condition of being public”. It wasn’t until the 1900s that the definition of publicist took on what we know of it today as: …

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