Duties Photographers have an array of job duties, aside from just taking pictures. They capture images using digital or analog cameras for use in print publications, online content, video content, advertising, e-commerce press releases, or private use. The person behind the camera is also in charge of editing photos to perfection. Editing can include adding …

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Film Director holding movie clap for start of a new scene.

Film Director

You just finished your favorite movie for the hundredth time. It was just as good as your first time. There‚Äôs something special about it, the way the film director ties together the story, the actors, and the overall feel of the movie.  It motivates you- you want to create something just as powerful. Now the …

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camera operator

Camera operator

A camera operator uses digital camera equipment to record video footage for motion pictures, television programs, music videos, commercials, news and sporting events. Often, multiple camera operators work on the same production, each assigned to a different camera. Sometimes, one operator remotely controls several robotic cameras. These approaches allow for capturing the same events from …

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man in black t-shirt playing audio mixer

Sound engineer

A sound engineer operates equipment and software used in the production of on-air radio programs, recorded audio programming, recorded music, concerts, conferences, sports events, and other live gatherings, as well as television programming, film, and video material. The responsibilities of a sound engineer include setting up and taking down the equipment, recording music, speech, and …

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Art director

Art directors are responsible for developing the visual style and layouts of print and web publications, advertising campaigns, products and their packaging, visual representation of brands, television and movie sets. As such art directors may work in print publishing, marketing, branding, advertising, movie production, television production, and theater. The duties of an art director include …

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