Guide to Being a Concert Photographer

The Tools Needed to be a Concert Photographer As you walk through the corridors of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Center in Cleveland Ohio, you can’t help but notice photos of concert’s on the walls. Underneath the pictures are metal plaques that give credit to the Photographer.  You’re name can be under those… Continue reading Guide to Being a Concert Photographer

Experiencing Bringing Hope Home

A Way to Make a Difference In a Local Families’ Life Could you sacrifice a night of going out to help a family pay for their essential household bills? This opportunity is something I learned that I could get involved in from a non-profit organization called Bringing Hope Home. Bringing Hope Home is a non-profit… Continue reading Experiencing Bringing Hope Home

Is a Career in Sales Right For Me?

Communication Studies is such an amazing major because there are so many paths for possible careers upon graduation. If you are majoring in Communication Studies, I will automatically assume you are outgoing, up to date and interested in new media, and have excellent aural and writing skills. Sound like you? Then you may want to… Continue reading Is a Career in Sales Right For Me?