Meet Julian Frick


Julian Frick was raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. For High School Julian went to Archbishop Wood where he received high honors for his grades. From there he went on to Bucks County Community College to find a major that best suited him. After a year of uncertainty at BCCC, Julian decided to transfer to West Chester University with a major in Communication Studies. Julian is currently a senior and he is still maintaining his exceptional grades making the Dean’s List.

Career Aspirations

Julian has his sights on television news and entertainment. Julian aspires to be a television anchor for the news. Just recently he has picked up the Media/Culture minor to help focus his education on media. He has also taken multiple public speaking classes. He enjoys being in front of an audience which allows him to show his light-hearted, witty and charismatic personality. He hopes that these classes will help him to engage viewers in the future. 


As Julian has progressed through his later years of school, he has become more aware of the importance of getting involved. He is currently involved in the Frisbee Club and Outdoors Club. Furthermore, he is actively getting involved in the WCUR (school radio) and the WCU studios team at West Chester.  Moreover, he plans to write for the school newspaper, The QUAD. He wishes to captivate readers with his unorthodox comedic writing style to entertain readers. Julian hopes these recent ventures will help him with his career path. Julian is also proficient in editing software. He has worked with Adobe Audition, Photoshop, as well as Premiere Pro. He has created and edited his own podcast on SoundCloud, and he has edited videos as well. He uploaded his own YouTube video which is called “My Daily Routine During Quarantine”. Julian finds he’s at his happiest when he’s allowed to be creative. 

Work Experience 

 For work Julian has excelled, rising through the ranks at each of his jobs. His first job was at a movie theater, where he started as an usher and worked his way up to Floor Manager. Recently, he started working at a restaurant where he began as a busser, and then he progressed his way up to server. His personability, motivation and character have allowed him to advance in these positions.


Julian’s personal interests include Philly sports, dance, music and movies. He has a strong passion for music and has actively been playing guitar for almost 2 years now. Favorite Bands include The Doors, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin. Julian also picks up a book now and again, especially if it’s Harry Potter. He also enjoys doing impersonations of characters and actors. And he is a very light- hearted active spirit who thoroughly enjoys being outside. Julian’s personal goal is to travel the country in his free time to truly experience life.