Meet Anna D’Agui

Meet Anna D’Agui. Anna is a first-year student attending West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She is currently working towards her Bachelor Degree in Media Communication Studies. Anna was born and raised in Chadds Ford, PA but moved to Manhattan with her family at six years old and attended P.S. 116 for first and second grade. After two years in Manhattan, her family moved back to Chadds Ford and lived there for six years before eventually moving again to Woodstock, GA. She was an overachiever while attending River Ridge High School in Woodstock, GA. In High School, she was an active member of the Theater Club and Writing Club for four consecutive years. Anna was placed in Advanced level Writing and History classes throughout all High School as well. Anna enjoys volunteer work and believes that it is gravely important to help others who are in need. During her Sophomore year of High School, she attended a Junior Peace Corp. volunteer mission in Thailand. She stayed in Chaing Mai, Thailand for one month to build rehabilitation centers for injured or near poached/orphaned elephants. Anna also volunteered at local soup kitchens as well as the Woodstock Animal Rescue throughout her High School career. Anna plans to move back to New York City and pursue a job in the News industry, though she will have to give up her love of hiking and nature to do so. Anna is a talented artist as well and took advanced painting, sculpting and sketching classes throughout High School. She has won many first-place awards at her High Schools art fair for her paintings and obscure art pieces. She is a history buff and enjoys travelling to learn about unfamiliar cultures and their history. Recently, she went to Portugal for two weeks and visited a dolphin rehabilitation center while also taking the time to learn about the rich history of the land and people. She drafted a book about the experiences, food, and friends she made along the way. Anna also enjoys cooking, as her step-father is a chef and owns a restaurant. She has worked private events, catering, and host jobs for her family’s business throughout High School. Anna is a determined, goal driven person who has many passions and aspirations.  

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