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Mental Health and the Help Provided by West Chester University

College can be rough! According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 80% of college students feel overwhelmed by school and 45% feel hopeless. These are early signs of depression. College can be very stressful for students. There’s a lot of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt that effects some students. School work doesn’t help and a …

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Children, Parents, Coaches!

Children, Parents, Coaches! Author: Sean Guyre Many parents and children have to deal with coaches that do not have the same philosophical beliefs as they do. This is especially important to recognize when your children are in the transitional years. Ages 8 and 14 are crucial to learning the fundamentals of a sport. Children go …

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Healthy College Meals

Healthy Ways to Transform College Students’ Favorite Foods It’s Monday morning. You’re sitting in your 11am class, starving, because you overslept and didn’t have time to eat breakfast. Class is almost over and you are ready to book it home so you can whip up one of your favorite foods. Sound familiar? As college students, …

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