Meet Anna D’Agui

Meet Anna D’Agui. Anna is a first-year student attending West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She is currently working towards her Bachelor Degree in Media Communication Studies. Anna was born and raised in Chadds Ford, PA but moved to Manhattan with her family at six years old and attended P.S. 116 for first and second grade. After two years in Manhattan, her family moved back to Chadds Ford and lived… Continue reading Meet Anna D’Agui

5 Free Online Digital Marketing Certificates to Advance Your Career

By: Molly Majors Online certificates are beneficial to both current students and graduates looking to further their experience in digital marketing. Aside from gaining additional knowledge, completing online courses enhances resume content viewed by prospective employers. These are great ways to become more marketable to potential employers. The following are five entirely free and virtual… Continue reading 5 Free Online Digital Marketing Certificates to Advance Your Career

Practice Equals Success

Visualize Tap. Tap. Tap. You can feel the divots of the ball rub against your stick as you dribble down the field. You hold the stick tightly in your hands as you pull past defenders, one at a time. Seeing each opponent as an obstacle on the way to your goal, success is within your… Continue reading Practice Equals Success

What Does the Word “Healthy” Even Mean Nowadays!?”

            Freshly showered after a long day at the beach, you plop down on your bed with your sun kissed skin against your cool, cotton sheets. After hours of soaking up the sun and enjoying funnel cake and ice cream with your friends, you pick up your phone to check what you’ve missed on Instagram.… Continue reading What Does the Word “Healthy” Even Mean Nowadays!?”

Becoming an Event Planner

Becoming an Event Planner Choosing a career path to enter can be a stressful, yet exciting time in one’s life. There are thousands of options, and each option comes with positives and negatives within the field. Event planning is a wonderful and rewarding career path to enter. It comes with responsibilities, like any other chosen… Continue reading Becoming an Event Planner

The 411 on How To Make Social Media Your Career

Over the past couple of years, social media has taken over most people’s lives. It has become more and more possible to know where your friends and family are always, what the weather will be like in ten days, or what Justin Bieber is doing every moment of the day. It has become a part… Continue reading The 411 on How To Make Social Media Your Career

5 Internships for a COM Student – Summer 2020

            The time of year to apply for internships has arrived! With the summer only 3-months away and West Chester University’s annual Job and Career fair coming up this week, it seemed fitting to present some real internship opportunities for our com students. As every COM student knows, having a degree in Communications gives you… Continue reading 5 Internships for a COM Student – Summer 2020

How To Start a Blog

This is a note for all of the COM underclassmen from a Senior: start a blog. Sorry if that came across as dramatic, but I am being serious! I am currently in the job market and something I have learned quickly is how it important it is to have tangible examples of your writing skills… Continue reading How To Start a Blog