What Job Your Communication Degree Can Get You- Social Media Marketing Manager

Learn what a social media career is like and what a social media marketing manager does!

A Social Media Marketing Manager is a creative individual who is in charge of a company’s advertising and social media by engaging with customers daily. By reflecting the company’s brand in both a positive and genuine manner, a Social Media Marketing Manager is essential in attracting loyal, long standing customers.

“I grab a chai tea latte, sort through email and check all my social networks for @mentions, questions, etc.”


Work environments of a Social Media Marketing Manager may vary slightly. However, it is no secret that it remains a job emphasized in the searching of social media from the comfort of your office desk. When asked what a typical day entails, Social Media Marketing Manager Kristen Agnello-Dean from ArtisanTalent.com says, “I grab a chai tea latte, sort through email and check all my social networks for @mentions, questions, etc.” The rest of the day one may encounter special projects, writing and editing blog posts, and scheduling posts for various social media sites used by the brand. Hence, this job is most closely related to that of  Public Relations manager. Overall, it’s a day filled with scrolling through your go-to social media web pages, and the gathering of information to further the company’s brand and image.


Become A Company’s Personal Advocate!

As a manager for a company’s content related information, this job comes with different duties and responsibilities. Managing content and making sure the company’s name is shown nice and clear on Google is one of the most important, all while maintaining a positive brand image!

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the development of published and original material and content
  • Identify what will be beneficial in any improvement of released content
  • Create an editorial calendar for when content will be published and on which platforms
  • Promote a brand through relevant content advertising on social media to reach the audience
  • Oversee the designing of each unique content platform (Such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat)
  • Create special promotions and ads
  • Respond to and manage online discussion boards such as reviews and comments
  • Monitor social media trends
  • Work closely with other management to coordinate and direct
  • Report back to top management



What Makes You Qualified For This Job?


Typically a bachelors degree or higher in communication, public relations, journalism, or marketing is required along with previous experience. However, the most common education degree of a Social Media Marketing Manager is a communication studies degree as studies show more social media managers were able to climb higher, nearly four times faster. However, some companies may also require up to 7 years experience.


As the voice of a company, an understanding and familiarity with various social media platforms is very important. Furthermore, with relevant work experience, no marketing degree is even required for this job! However, a creative mind and love of social media is very much valued within this field. Some basic skills need for this job include the following:

  • Time management
  • Having knowledge of how to best manipulate various social media platforms to be used to their full potential
  • Great sense of customer service
  • Maintain superior language and writing skills



What You Can Do While In College

Take Content Strategy related courses!!!!


As this job relies heavily on the familiarity with different social media platforms, and how to use each one in their own unique manner, what better way than to take social media classes to advance your already acquired social media skills! It is essential one that one becomes familiar with blog writing, time management, and content creation. Consider taking on outside activities when your schedule permits such as, PRSSA club as it is a nationwide known organization. All of these will help your resume stand out from your competitor’s resume and help you to jump ahead. The more experience the better!


But How Much Money Will You Make?

A salary does slightly vary concerning amount of experience, however the median annual salary is about $94,228. As a result, this number may vary anywhere from about $79,407 to $114,505.


Overall, social media is expanding each day and becoming an ever growing opportunity for businesses to expand and promote. Social Media Marketing Managers are in high demand to direct and manage such accounts. Furthermore, with a strong job outlook between the years of 2010-2020, it is estimated 29,400 new jobs will become available. Thus, competition may be high with social media expanding each and every day, but for the right person with the drive and skills, this job will fall into your lap!


Your Chai-Tea Latte is waiting







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